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Abigail Ahern’s Dark and Dramatic East London Eclectic Home

Designer, style maven, and author, Abigail Ahern is recognised amongst design aficionados and devotees alike for her enchanting take on interiors.

Now imagine if Vermeer and Rousseau got to share a canvas, the Dutchman filling it with his trademark dark interiors, soft light filtering in through a window, and the Frenchman adding lush ferns, copious flowers, birds and animals peeking through the foliage. Now add layer upon layer of texture —wood, velvet, pottery, wool, metallics — and you are getting close to envisaging designer Abigail Ahern’s fabulous East London home.

Abigail Ahern


Abigail, her husband Graham, and their two adorable dogs, Mungo and Maude, live in a four story Victorian townhouse in Dalston. Round the corner is London at its most chaotic, vibrant and noisy, but inside Abi has created a cozy and welcoming haven that mixes glamour and grandeur with fun and quirky details that make you smile. Welcome!

Abigail Ahern's home living room


The interiors are styled in a mixture of Eclectic, boho and glam, with dark interiors that cocoon you and make you feel snug and comforted, particularly in London where the light is very soft. When you put an object up against a dark wall, it has the effect of making it pop and gives it grandeur.

Abigail Ahern's home bedroomAbigail Ahern's home bedroom chandelier


Inspiration came from a huge mix of drawing on many influences, Hollywood glam, old glam drinking dens, traditional interiors. Travels, trade shows, trips to the flea markets, meeting artists, all contributed to the overall result in one way or another. She ignored trends and bought something because she loved it.

“A lot of what ends up in my shop ends up here too. Interiors can be a snooty business. I want my home to be glamorous, but not uptight. The penguins and poodles and other animals immediately lighten the mood.”

Abigail Ahern's home bathroom chandelierAbigail Ahern's home sideboard top


The double height glass wall, which extends the space inside and out is an amazing element. She wanted the garden to be overgrown and forest-like and create her own little private enclosed space. They built an outdoor kitchen last year and use it all the time to cook sea bass, prawns, pizza, steak, chicken, everything out there.

Abigail Ahern's home sideboard decorationAbigail Ahern's home living room topAbigail Ahern's home living room wallpaper


One of the biggest chanllenges was to Make each and every room a cozy space. She wanted them to almost wrap her in the squishiest of blankets, so she recreated that feeling through an abundance of texture.

Best Advice: Buy only what you love!

Dream Sources: 1st DibsOchreKelly WearstlerABC Carpet and Home,LibertyPetersham NurseriesMerci

Abigail Ahern's home sofa dogAbigail Ahern's home dinning room eclecticAbigail Ahern's home sofa black eclecticAbigail Ahern's homeAbigail Ahern's home reading cornerAbigail Ahern's home fireplace decorations


Via apartment therapy.com

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