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NEWS | May, 26 2014

Best Finds and Trends at ICFF 2014

2014-05-19-ICFFFloor.jpg  Best Finds and Trends at ICFF 2014 2014 05 19 ICFFFloor thumb


ICFF Trends and Finds

New York’s 26th annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair delivers design’s timely truths and latest trends. More than 600 exhibitors from all points of the globe display contemporary furniture, seating, carpet and flooring, lighting, outdoor furniture, materials, wall coverings, accessories, textiles, and kitchen and bath for residential and commercial interiors. This remarkable throng of over 600 exhibitors creates an unparalleled opportunity to view a broad yet highly focused selection of the world’s finest, most innovative, and original avant-garde home and contract products. There is a great range of vendors this year, many familiar faces and new arrivals. What is fascinating to notice is the strong influence of digital technology on the contemporary trends, bringing the product design to a whole new level of innovation, especially tile and wallpaper . Let’s take a look at my favorite finds from the show this year:


Spotted at ICFF



2014-05-19-BrabbuWingback.jpg  Best Finds and Trends at ICFF 2014 2014 05 19 BrabbuWingback thumb

This Dukono chair by Brabbu is a handsome update to the wingback.


Best Finds and Trends at ICFF 2014 2014 05 19 KoketThroneChair

A tribute to Dorothy Draper’s high style- the classic Drapesse chair by Koket. Everybody needs a throne.


2014-05-19-MineheartPillows.jpg  Best Finds and Trends at ICFF 2014 2014 05 19 MineheartPillows thumb

Quirky pillows and accessories by Mineheart that are sure to generate a double take.


2014-05-19-AjjiChairs.jpg  Best Finds and Trends at ICFF 2014 2014 05 19 AjjiChairs thumb

Ajji, new to the show this year, delivers a punch of color through chairs called The Dot (orange), The Pink Sink and The Drop (left, in black). Custom color options for removable covers. Above the orange “dot” is a light called “Bent” that will spell whatever you want (and have room for).


Best Finds and Trends at ICFF 2014 canvas d armchair amb b Innermost’s Canvas creates a surreal cartoon feel where the impossible happens; lounge effortlessly on a 2 dimensional image leaning against a wall.



The wallpapers stole the show. Wallpaper is trending with a vengeance, and the options are more innovative than ever. Here are a few of the lines that remind us to expect the unexpected:


2014-05-19-FlavorPaper.jpg  Best Finds and Trends at ICFF 2014 2014 05 19 FlavorPaper thumb

Not your grandmother’s wallpaper…Flavor Paper’s edgy Warhol collaboration


Best Finds and Trends at ICFF 2014 2014 05 19 WarholPaper

Flavor Paper


Best Finds and Trends at ICFF 2014 chime insitu

LED Wallpapers Lighting is a feature that one would normally expect to see next to or attached to the wall but Meystyle has abandoned that tradition and incorporated lights into the wallpapers. The subtle lighting adds an aesthetic quality but also provides a spatial marker at night when all the other lights are off. The use of Swarovski crystals accentuates the impact of the LEDs. Meystyle’s mission is to rescue walls from the background, and they hit a home run – the new 2014 patterns are better than ever…


Best Finds and Trends at ICFF 2014 palace wallpaper mural by young battaglia 56

If you are after a little whimsy that will transform your room to another time or place, check out the latest Mineheart wallpaper collection. Cast iron, plaster friezes, library walls, chesterfield padded leather walls, you name it- this is your trompe l’oeil wallpaper connection.


2014-05-19-Trove.jpg  Best Finds and Trends at ICFF 2014 2014 05 19 Trove thumb Trove debuts their new collection of images and patterns that once again push the dimension of wallpaper design in beautiful and unexpected ways. Drawing influences from architecture, film and art history, travel and nature–this new collection exhibits surprising scale, unconventional color palette, and grace that transforms walls into works of art, inviting interpretation. Bonus: The wallpaper designs are also available as window films, in either bamboo or rice paper textures, provides an innovative alternative to window treatments. It can be applied to windows, glass doors, shower doors, glass partitions, cabinetry and more.



ICFF lighting is always fun and pushing the trends. This year we saw a lot of the same as last year with a few new arrivals.


Best Finds and Trends at ICFF 2014 2014 05 19 RopeLtgLukes

Luke Lamp Company is a first timer to ICFF this year, with some super cool rope light products that will have you thinking lake house, bar, nautical design.


2014-05-19-GoldEdisonPendant.jpg  Best Finds and Trends at ICFF 2014 2014 05 19 GoldEdisonPendant thumb

Mineheart’s update to the King Edison Pendant Lamp incorporates more gold.


2014-05-19-MinehartBusts.jpg  Best Finds and Trends at ICFF 2014 2014 05 19 MinehartBusts thumb

Historians, how about a cluster of classical gods and goddesses? These classical Bust pendants are actually made of stone, also Mineheart.




2014-05-19-GardenGlory.jpg  Best Finds and Trends at ICFF 2014 2014 05 19 GardenGlory thumb

Who wants to cut the red roses in ugly gloves? Where are all the dazzling rakes hiding? And why is no one wearing sequined rubber boots when it is pouring rain? Garden Glory wants the outdoor life to be more beautiful, elegant and merry. Customize your own colorful garden hoses with fun new 2014 colors, nozzle options and wall mounted “antler” hose holders.


Best Finds and Trends at ICFF 2014 2014 05 19 RockingHammock

The Osmose Swinging bed by French outdoor furniture maker Fermob is like a rocking hammock… surprisingly comfortable.





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