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Interior Design Color Schemes

Black Design Color : 6 Must Avoid Errors

Black is the most aristrocratic color of all…yet you should be careful and think twice before you paint in black your home. Here we listed 6 errors you should be sure to avoid when you implement black design in your home. And today, Design Build Ideas is going to share with our readers 6 must avoid errors about using black design color. Check it out!

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Black Design Color : 6 Must Avoid Errors

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Decorating with black it is possible. Independently from the sapces, independently from the environment and its style. In this article we gathered suggestions for you – and the errors you should avoid- to decorate with black 6 different rooms, demonstrating you that- with the right proportions and right furniture- even the darkest colors can turn into easy-peasy choices.

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In the kitchen
Choosing the black for your kitchen wall, will give you the industrial style that is perfect in a metropolitan loft. Use the black color for that part of the wall, where you have the kitchen furniture, but dont comit the error to mix it with many other colors. Our suggestion would be a dirty white, beige,or a light grey for your furniture. Go for original details, like in the picture, a mustard yellow, even though a strong color it gives a vintage character to the space. The final result? The black wall totally standing out !

Black Design Color : 6 Must Avoid ErrorsIn the bathroom
the place where the black is less unusual is the bathroom. You can play with the tonalities, or even install a glass mosaic that plays on darker shades. If your bathroom has a lot of space you can copy our suggestion as in the picture. In this case, everything is black, the only thing making contrast is the bathtub, an elegant and scenographic choice.

Black Design Color : 6 Must Avoid Errors

3. Entrance Hall

When it comes to the entrance hall, it can be a bit risky using the black color. In case is not a big and spacious hall, the risk would be that it would diminish utterly space. Our suggestion? Use the black color only for one side of the wall. Even better if the wall is antique, that will make it stand out even more!

Black Design Color : 6 Must Avoid Errors4. Living Room
Using the black color in your living room is an elegant and refined choice. We are not refering to black furniture here, but to black walls. The error to avoid here is that of using black in all of the walls, : pain one or maximum two. The right furniture_ White, lucid or opaque,maybe some ironic posters to lighten up a bit the space, if not it will be way too serious.

Black Design Color : 6 Must Avoid ErrorsIn your office room

Here is another space where using black it can turn out to be the right decision. Usually these kind of rooms are small, so be careful not to sophocate the room! Use black for that part of the wall where is your work table, like this you will have a comfortable and calm space for working.

Black Design Color : 6 Must Avoid ErrorsIn Your Bedroom
You can paint the walls of a bedroom in black, be it modern or classic. The mistake to avoid is to opt for the black in a room that enjoys little light; its totally fine when you have big windows and enough light entering in your room.
Go for the black color if used against the part which the bed rests, if you want to dare then paint three walls in a dark color. Maybe not black, likely an elegant gray. In the picture above, in reality, it is not painted walls but most of it is originally woodwork. To warm up a black environment, choose a big carpet and a suspended chandelier and stay away from the dark furnishings!

Black Design Color : 6 Must Avoid Errors

We hope that you found our suggestions useful and you will use them next time you will want to go a bit more sophisticated, remember that you can still find more ideas and suggestions in our section of interior design color schemes.

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interior design color schemes Interior Design Color Schemes: Black and White bl inspirations 700