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The Culture Project: An Initiative that Honors Artisans and Designers

Design Build Ideas has come to find out about a new thrilling project that was organized and developed by Brhands Foundation. Entitled the Culture Project, its main mission is to promote and recognize the phenomenal work of master artisans and designers. Brhands Foundation is one of most dynamic projects of Covet Group, a group comprised by a series of luxury brands that have art in their DNA and know how to masterfully produce one-of-a-kind products with an intriguing narrative. Right now, our blog will let you know more about the philosophy and ideas behind this incredible project, so stay with us.


The Culture Project An Initiative that Honors Artisans and Designers 10


The creative hub that is the Culture Project started to take shape in Covet Town, Covet Group’s “city of design” in Gondomar. It wants to be the meeting point where thinkers and makers work in a studio of artist, artisans and designers. All of this to promote and project the future of Portuguese applied arts and trades so that these don’t come to an end and meet new chapters.


The Culture Project An Initiative that Honors Artisans and Designers 10


The Culture Project An Initiative that Honors Artisans and Designers 9


CULTURE has the ambition to preserve as many national arts and trades as possible, and for that to become a reality, it has gathered government entities, universities, polytechnics, professional centres, artists, artisans and designers with the goal of joining forces and give visibility to the Portuguese arts in the international market.




Joaquim Paulo and João Barros are two of the designers that are part of Brhands and that are the face of this challenge called CULTURE. Joaquim Paulo tells us that “CULTURE project’s main mission is to be able to put, all in one place, the artists, artisans and designers and to create a synergy where there’s an exchange of knowledge and know-how, and being able to project it onto pieces and elevate craftsmanship through design for the whole world”.


The Culture Project An Initiative that Honors Artisans and Designers 15


When we talk about artisanal techniques and design, applied to the world of luxury goods, Nuno Barra, Marketing and New Product Development Director at Vista Alegre clarifies: “It’s the combination of the two areas, not even design can do it, it will never be able to make its pieces without the collaboration of the artisan and the artisan also needs design to able to make the pieces that are valued nowadays. Because what is valued today won’t be what is valued in twenty years, things change. But that joint collaboration, and I really believe in all of the areas, either there’s a collaboration among the areas or there’s always something missing. Just like the creation of the product and the billing of the company, if there isn’t a combination of these several areas something will fail during the process, there has to be a collaboration”.



Besides Culture Project, the Brhands Foundation was also a big part of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit, which took place last month. All of these initiatives have the purpose of bringing to life the mission chosen by the Group: Elevate Design and Craftsmanship.


To know more about the first gathering Click HERE


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Source: CovetED Magazine

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