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Glam Up Your Home With These 6 Tips

As one of the top trending designs of 2014, adding glamour to your home offers a polished, classic look to almost any design. While glamour is traditionally thought of as glittery and ornate, modernized glamour is in the form of simple accessories that add remarkable character and drama to a room.

Get ready to transform your home with these six tips.


1. Start with Organization

When has an organized home been out of style? Adding sustainable glamour to the home is in the small touches. And one of the easiest glamour essentials clean organization. While it is easy for extra items to clutter up a home, the mess takes away from the finished look of a home.

Invest in organization baskets, crates, or containers that can hold the extra items out of sight. Once everything is put away that is not a decor piece, things can look much more sleek and polished, allowing the design accents to really stand out.


2. Mix And Match

Glam Up Your Home With These 6 Tips 2  Glam Up Your Home With These 6 Tips Glam Up Your Home With These 6 Tips 2

Do not be afraid to mix furniture pieces, eras, or styles. Classic charm is encapsulated by meshing contemporary with antique, 1920s with retro ‘70s, or antique with modern.

Instead of perfectly symmetric end tables, experiment with a classic antique wood table and a more unconventional table on the other end. Chandeliers are another beautiful and high glamour item to incorporate. Or, if the home already has built-in aesthetic features such as a spiral staircase, work with its elegance by adding both traditional and timeless accents like a Gatsby-esque chaise lounge with modern chairs in order to tie in all of the features into one cohesive look.


3. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Glam Up Your Home With These 6 Tips 3  Glam Up Your Home With These 6 Tips Glam Up Your Home With These 6 Tips 3

Mirrors add sophistication without breaking the bank or overwhelming the design by demanding attention. Large wall mirrors add subtle character while completely opening up a room. This makes the space feel larger and offers visual interest. Long horizontal mirrors with gilded frames also make the perfect way to implement metallic shades into a glamorous room.


4. Colors And Texture

Glam Up Your Home With These 6 Tips  Glam Up Your Home With These 6 Tips Glam Up Your Home With These 6 Tips

Nothing adds beauty to a room like mixing alluring colors, fabrics, and textures. Rich shades of blues, orchid, and red hues bring a chic element to any room. Pairing these colors with neutrals like whites, browns, and even soft blacks add dimension to the room.

Experiment with mixing color shades, patterns like stripes and prints, and silks with tweeds. Mixing and matching different textural elements in your design create depth into the room.

Lastly, color and texture do not have to be confined to accent pillows, blankets, or curtains. Making a statement with a colored sofa and a fun accent chair while pairing it with a neutral sofa heightens the room’s design appeal. And painting or papering the wall can add incredible drama to the walls around the room.


5. Glam Moldings

glam moulding interiors  Glam Up Your Home With These 6 Tips glam moulding interiors

Glamour can easily be added to a room in the form of fancy architectural pieces like crown molding, baseboards, and window moldings. The extra architecture enhances the design without competing against the existing design elements.


6. Fresh Flowers

fresh flower interior design  Glam Up Your Home With These 6 Tips fresh flower interior design

Finally, fresh flowers bring vibrancy to a room with their height and color. Without fail, flowers bring beauty to any interior space with their luxurious appearance and delicate aroma. Pair it with an eclectic vase to complete the ensemble.


For your next spring spruce, put these six tips to work and enjoy sitting in the lap of luxury.



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