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Interior Design Color Schemes

Interior Design Color Schemes: Black and White

Black and white is a timeless combination. The best way to evoke the past, to “keep it simple.” Uncluttered. Comfortable. Chic, contemporary sophistication that is age neutral and open to accents of color. Stripes, or checkered patterns, white walls, table tops and bookshelves, contrast with black sofas, rugs, or lamps. It is a non-interfering color scheme that usually works with one or two accent pieces perfectly to bring out that edge to space. Below you can check some great examples of black and white interior design color schemes selected by Design Build Ideas team that you will love. Get inspired!

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This high contrast palette can either shift to black or to white, making one color dominate over the other, it is a mood changing aesthetic dimension. To some, black and white are the absence of color, but one can think of black and white as the strongest colors of all as well.

Unique-Display-In-Frame-Near-Black-Lounge-Chair Interior Design Color Schemes: Black and White

A touch of color can only spice things up.

Letting nature in.

Wood is also a good material to pump that contrast, carrying texture as an extra.

Amazing Black walls on this bathroom.

White light is also part of the color scheme.

These block literally make the walls pop out.


It doesn’t always have to be black and white, you can have some gray in between.

interior-design-black-white-lobby-interior-layouts-ikrunk-stunning-black-white-interior-decoratingImmagini 302 Interior Design Color Schemes: Black and White HEMNES_forvaring_ny_i_badrummet Interior Design Color Schemes: Black and White Final0003 Interior Design Color Schemes: Black and White brown-wall-lamp-and-black-schedule-on-the-white-wall Interior Design Color Schemes: Black and White black-white-house-design-black-and-white-interior-design-ideas-homedesignlove-21522 black-kitchens-design Interior Design Color Schemes: Black and White Black-And-White-Painting-Hanging-On-White-Wall-Above-Screen-Flat-TV1 black-and-white-living-room-design-ideas black-and-white-interior-design-wallpaper-7703 Black-And-White-Interior-Design-Ideas-Living-Room 13-Black-and-white-dining-room Interior Design Color Schemes: Black and White

White shifted color scheme.

Golden accents.

You can find some more here or in our video! You will notice that a lot of emphases is given to the bed, as this is likely the biggest influence in how the room feels. Also, White is a color that is almost always used throughout, so you can assume it’s there along with the others.


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