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Antiques & Mid Century Modern, Furniture & Lighting

Mid-Century Modern Interior Details

It’s often the little things that make all the difference. The Mid-century modern style is now recognized by scholars and museums worldwide as a significant design movement. In today’s post, Design Build Ideas is going to share with our readers some important mid-century modern interior details. Take a look and get inspired with our tips!

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Light tones, woods, and white are very common in mid-century interiors. These hanging seats must be really great to swing on, judging by the size of the ceiling here.

Mid-Century Modern Interior Details

Warm woods fill this spacious interior, the low hanging lamp hugs the table.

Mid-Century Modern Interior Details

Lots of color going here. Red and green couches, the pink patterned floor, blue walls and white windows and door. Somehow this interior has a pop and conservative feel to it at the same time.

Mid-Century Modern Interior Details

This interior has a mix of country side to it going with the fur rug and the whickered chair which is very beautiful.

Mid-Century Modern Interior Details

Fluffy and cosy rug and blanket, this white interior feels very relaxing. Perfect for a reading session.

Mid-Century Modern Interior Details

Space exploration is a prevalent theme of the 50s and 60s. This concrete interior is wonderfully accompanied by the vintage suspension lamp and space rocket wall art.

delightfull_neil_mid century lamp-interior-design-ideas

These patterned chairs are icons of mid-century furniture.

mid century chairs-interior-design-ideas

Simple white coffee table with some red accented vase and ashtray. Eames chair to wrap it up.

mid century furniture-interior-design-ideas

You can get the feeling of what kind of lifestyle someone who lived here would have. Bike for a healthy body and books for an informed mind, tied up with some cartoons for some sense of humor.

mid century corner lifestyle-interior-design-ideas

The bright wooden floors, the red accents in many of the furniture pieces and the many other vintage looking items make this a perfect example of pop vintage culture.

mid century pop interior-interior-design-ideas

The light pink Eames chair fits perfectly with the wooden color of the floor and sideboard. The Braun radio is like a cherry on top of the cake and those vacuum tubes are the sprinkles giving this interior a taste of the industrial.

mid century sideboard-interior-design-ideas

This red fire place is very unlike the traditional fireplace. It’s lightness is compensated by the vibrant color, making it a center piece in this room. The lamp tucked away behind the sofa is a perfect reading light.

mid-century fireplace-interior-design-ideas

Clean looks, and nice modern wooden chairs. All the books stored on a wide shelf. The frames just sitting on top of it and the low hanging lamp make the ceiling look super tall.

mid-century white interior-interior-design-ideas

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