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Decorate your spaces with modern rugs
Tips and Advices

Modern Rugs For Modern Interiors

So you already chose all your favorite furniture for your home, from the sofa to the kitchen, the dining table, the bookcase, or the side table, but you still have a feeling that there is something missing?To prevent this sense of “emptiness”, we have a valuable solution for you – rugs that combine with your space and with your home style, giving a warm and comfortable touch.

A rug is like a jewel is for the women, we don’t really need it, but surely it makes us feel so much better!

Decorate your spaces with modern rugs (1)

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A rug is the kind of home accessory that has the capacity to give a completely new feeling into a room, giving more color, more harmony, intimacy and hospitality and of course keeps the cold away from our feet during the cold winter.

kk-sofas-750Decorate your spaces with modern rugs (3)

Did you know that in the past a rug was a revelation of the social prestige and wealth of a family? Today the rugs are those details that give character to the space making it unique.

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When you chose for one, you should pay attention to the shape, dimensions, colors, to combine it with the rest of your furniture.

Decorate your spaces with modern rugs (2)

Here are some of our advices:

1.The texture and typology of the rug :

There are different typologies of rugs, based on the techniques that they were produced. The materials as well are different, adapted to every need of the environment. Undoubtedly the most wanted kind of carpet is the handcrafted one. We are talking for highly elaborated, full of nodes, the bigger the number of nodes, higher the quality and value of the rug.

Generally the main textures are cotton, wool and silk. The less wanted but very resistant are the ones made by the machine.

Decorate your spaces with modern rugs (4)

When it comes the texture generally the natural fibers, can improve the environment, meanwhile absorb any excess of humidity and restore the environment when it is too dry.

Decorate your spaces with modern rugs (6)

The synthetically fibers instead guarantee a high resistance from bumps and atmospheric agents, moreover is practical to clean and maintenance.

Decorate your spaces with modern rugs

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2. Shape

The most used shape is the rectangular one, analogical to the shape of the rooms that mainly are constructed. In case you like to break the monotony and monotony than you should for sure choose other shapes, in a circular shape for instance.

Decorate your spaces with modern rugs (2)Decorate your spaces with modern rugs (3)

3. Dimensions:

In the past it was normal to use very big rugs, so big that could cover the pavement of the whole house. So today before choosing a rug, first you have to know well the space of your home; the rug should be proportional to the space they’ll occupy


So, hoping that you liked our selection pictures and main characteristics to keep in mind when thinking for a new rug, we would like to hear more ideas and suggestions from you ! What do you think is important when choosing for a new rug? If you need more design build ideas, click here !

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