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Top 10 Brand New Copper Lamps

The copper crush has firmly hit the high street especially in light fixtures. Metallic tones are very neutral, so feel free to mix in a little copper to your decor (or wardrobe for that matter!), they go great with blush colors for a chic and clean style, as well as greens for a more outdoorsy feel. We have made a selection of our top 10 copper lamps to brighten your interiors. Have a look.


Kendo by Brabbu


“By way of the sword”, that’s how Kendo is known, one of the ancient Japanese martial arts. KENDO floor lamp kept alive the samurai history spirit, illustrated by brass bars that resemble bamboo canes. The bamboo in KENDO was designed to give balance and strength to its three brass directional lighting lamps, offering a deep and gentle pattern chosen by you. KENDO floor lamp will set the perfect lighting rhythm, bringing your living room decoration a cozy and intimate environment.


Charles by Delightfull


If you think you saw everything in what concerns lighting, you’re absolutely wrong: Charles suspension came to show that are no design boundaries for lighting design. Its handmade copper plated body will turn any living room, dining room or lobby in the most royal setting you ever imagined. Its 20 glossy black lampshades will focus either the ceiling or the floor, providing an irresistible soft lighting.


Copper Light by David Derksen together with Vij5

David Derksen Design copper pendants

Simply by folding, a thin copper sheet can be used to construct stable forms. This principle defines the shape and aesthetics of the Copper Lights. For precise bending, the lines have been etched halfway into the material. The sheets are then folded and assembled by hand in The Netherlands. By reflecting its surroundings, each facet gets a different tone, from dark brown to red to orange. The material gives a warm color to the light that shines from these delicate lamps. The three variations of the Copper Lights make them suitable for many different interior applications.


Copper Lamp by Steven Banken

steven banken copperlamp2

This clean looking Lamp is made of Walnut parts that fits precisely in the ends of the copper tube. The source of light reflects on the copper and creates a clear light center surrounded with a warm copper semblance. The different parts are shaped by hand and composed on the same machine, the lathe.


Levels Lamp Large Copper by Form Us With Love

Levels copper lamp hem

The Levels lamp’s bold, rounded shades are achieved using a deep-drawing technique that punches them into shape, allowing the three differently sized pieces to hang from one another. This creates not only a cascading, tiered effect but it allows the shades to be stacked inside one another like Russian dolls for ease of transportation. Simply pull the fabric-covered cable and the lamp falls into position – as ever with designers Form Us With Love, no tools are required for assembly.


DAMO by SeedDesign

damo seeddesign copper table lamp

There is a legend the great master Damo spent nine years to figure out the truth of Buddhism. He was so strong-minded that nothing could beat his determination. We would like to share spirit and attitude of the great master. Here comes Damo! It not only creates sense of calm but shows vitality of brightness, smoothing your mind when needed.


Bella by Lucie Koldova for Per/Use

lucie_koldova_copper lamp

Bella standing lamp is inspired by a bell tower – Campanile. The name also refers to the Italian word ‘bella’, which means ‘beautiful’. Precious copper with a glossy finish gives the lamp a luxurious, timeless appeal. Bella standing lamp is handcrafted by artisans as an object of beauty, with delicate flat ribbon legs that rise upward to hold the copper bell and so creating a loop around the shade. The simplicity and clean proportions embody peace, calm and humility. Bella is a transformation of appreciated values into sculptural object with a sensuality and material that last.


Copper Shade by Tom Dixon

copper-shade-tom dixon

Seen almost everywhere now these days is The Copper Shade, at least on the surface, this lamp is actually created by exploding a thin layer of pure metal onto the internal surface of a polycarbonate globe. The result is a highly reflective surface with a warm metallic glow. Can be hung in multiples using Pendant System or as a single pendant light, to create a focal point.


Etch Shade by Tom Dixon

etched tom dixon copper lighting_lamp_3

Another one by legendary Tom Dixon. Inspired by the logic of pure mathematics, geodesic structures are made up of sections of 0.4mm etched metal sheets. This pendant light has a detailed pattern which casts a mass of intricate shadows when lit. Could be hung in multiples using our Pendant System, or as a single pendant, above a dining table for example.


Beads by Winnie Lui for Innermost

innermost copper beads

Beads brings together the best detailing and finishing from designer Winnie Lui’s jewellery craft and blends it with the engineering an technology of modern lighting design. The results are these striking forms which, when lit, provide an array of infinite reflections, as if the interior was inlaid with jewels.