Top 8 Classic Interior Design Trends To Watch

How To | March, 11 2014

Top 8 Classic Interior Design Trends To Watch

So far 2014 has proved to be a year of bold and bright new styles. As March passes us by, more classical trends seem to be taking center stage. Here is a short list of timeless elements to breathe new life into your home’s interior.

1. Blue And Turquoise

blue interior furniture mid century  Top 8 Classic Interior Design Trends To Watch blue interior furniture mid century

Known for its tranquil abilities, the color blue is the perfect addition to any home. And this years blue is experiencing a new wave of popularity in all shades from navy to turquoise. Whether it is on an accent, piece of furniture, or an entire wall, this color is taking over in bold rich shades.

Pair it with classic cream, modern grey, or bright, bohemian colors. Whatever a person’s mood, blue proves the perfect match for it all. And interior design forecasts predict these colors are here to stay for a while.

2. Glamour

glamourous interior living room  Top 8 Classic Interior Design Trends To Watch glamourous interior living room

Sprucing up a room with fresh statements of glam can add interest and intrigue to any home. Brass and gold pieces are reminiscent of an older time with a modern edge. Sticking with traditional colors, glamour can be added with intricate printed wallpaper, ornate furniture materials, opulent curtains, and unique light fixtures like a chandelier.

3. The Kitchen

charm-color-dfaceaa-trend-decoration-colorful-kitchen-cabinets  Top 8 Classic Interior Design Trends To Watch charm color dfaceaa trend decoration colorful kitchen cabinets

Always a hot spot for design, the kitchen is being completely made over with bejeweled tones. Although wood cabinets are not disappearing anytime soon, adorning the kitchen with colored cabinets and accented colored appliances is trendy and chic. Losing the traditional wood in favor of colored cabinets offers the sophistication that many kitchens lack. And because the kitchen is often an integral room in the house, this helps bring a whole home up to date.

4. Backsplash

Backsplash_1  Top 8 Classic Interior Design Trends To Watch Backsplash 1

Remodeled kitchens are not complete without a unique backsplash to offset the kitchen’s theme. Subway tiles and dark grout grew in popularity in 2013 and are not going anywhere this year.

5. Spiral Staircases

steel-spiral-staircase-photo  Top 8 Classic Interior Design Trends To Watch steel spiral staircase photo

This year, spiral staircases are making a comeback. Although they never really left, the classic, sleek look of a helical focal point is now stepping out as a profound design element and an incredible space saver.

A sleek metal spiral staircase can add either a modern twist or complement a glamorous vintage space. Undeniably contemporary and characteristically stylish, these design pieces offer pleasing visual aesthetics as well as extra space.

6. Urban Downsizing

Top 8 Classic Interior Design Trends To Watch 2  Top 8 Classic Interior Design Trends To Watch Top 8 Classic Interior Design Trends To Watch 2

Leaving the suburbs behind for the fast-paced lifestyle of the city, more and more people are willing to downsize their space in order to live in the heart of excitement. In 2014, there is an interesting trend called urban downsizing. This idea involves finding functional ways to maximize tiny spaces in city dwelling apartments or cute tiny homes rather than spacious suburban places.

7. Self-Expression

Top 8 Classic Interior Design Trends To Watch  Top 8 Classic Interior Design Trends To Watch Top 8 Classic Interior Design Trends To Watch

Gone are the days of meaningless catalog pieces. Instead, the new trend is all about personal style being reflected within the walls of your home. The home should articulate personality through meaningful accent pieces, artwork, and pictures.

Beige, a boring neutral that reigned for years, is finally on its way out. Instead, bright colors that speak to the homeowner’s tastes are coming to the forefront. And unique pieces collected at antique shops and flea markets are vogue. Even eclectic compositions of exclusive finds are now celebrated. This provides the freedom to experiment with brighter colors, fun textures and ethnic patterns.

8. Light Versus Dark

hand-hewn-wood-interior-design-hi  Top 8 Classic Interior Design Trends To Watch hand hewn wood interior design hi

It’s all about lightening this year especially when it comes to wood. Look for honey, vanilla-colored woods instead of dark mahogany or cherry wood. Even re-painting furniture with chic chalk paint is a good alternative to the darker finishes.

Lose the dated pieces and create a home space that is fun, comfortable and full of self-expression that will last for decades.



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