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Unique Design Ideas that Can Actually Make Your Home Safer

Tips and Advices | August, 14 2014

Unique Design Ideas that Can Actually Make Your Home Safer

Design Ideas that Actually Make Your Home Safer  Unique Design Ideas that Can Actually Make Your Home Safer Design Ideas that Actually Make Your Home SaferWhen we are thinking about the design of our homes usually the last thing on our minds is how that design can make our homes safer. Although it is true that most home design elements do not make your home safer, and it could be argued that some make it less safe, there are actually some home design elements that that make your home a little safer.

Home safety is obviously a top priority for anyone. You want to make sure that your home is safe whether or not you are there before you even begin your design strategy. Instead of choosing between style and function, you can create a home that both works to keep you and your things safe while looking fabulous. Here are some design ideas that actually make your home safer.

Extra outdoor lighting

Having great outdoor lighting not only sets the mood for your nights sitting on the patio, but it also protects your home from potential intruders. If your entire home is well lit, it will give intruders no place to hide, so they will be more likely to move on from your home and onto an easier target. Invest in lighting options that are effective and beautiful and leave them on at night to protect your home.

A picture over a home security system control box

Every home needs a good home security system. A great place to start is Home Security California to find the best system for your needs. However, the control box is one of those eyesores in the home that never seems to go away.

A well maintained lawn

Great landscaping looks great to most people, but to a potential burglar good landscaping is an unattractive feature in a home. This is because well maintained grass and hedges leave little room for them to hide, so they will not be able to get into your home as easily without being seen. Keep your lawn in check to keep your curb appeal and keep predators away.

A clean home, inside and out

Having a super clean home may only seem like a necessity to OCD people, but it is actually crucial to keep your home safe. Along with keeping clutter off of your lawn as mentioned before, you will also want to keep the inside of your home clean for two reasons. First, having all of your things lying around will make your home more tempting a target for predators. Second, dust clogging air vents and other obstructions can increase your homes risk of fire or electrical issues. Regularly deep clean for the safest home possible.

A decorative storm shelter

A storm shelter in case of an emergency does not need to be a bulky nuisance in your backyard. Instead, you can use your storm shelter as a decorative piece in your yard. Painting the outside of it a similar color to your home can help it blend it. You can also use it as a functional part of your lawn décor, hanging pictures on it and using it for potted plans.

Image: http://www.houselogic.com/photos/tornadoes-severe-storms/tornado-storm-shelters-safe-room-protection-when-it-counts/slide/still-standing/#safe-and-sweet



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