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16-perfect-tips-for-using-animal-print-schemes (4)
How To

16 Perfect Tips For Using Animal Print Schemes

It’s official animal prints it’s back again! It’s back in your wardrobe and it’s back to rock your home and give glamour and exiting decor.
If you think that the only way for implementing animal print in your home interior is only a bear skinned rug, than you are wrong! Let us give you some more ideas and inspiration how to benefit from having vibrant animal prints.

16-perfect-tips-for-using-animal-print-schemes dining spacebl-mirror-75016-perfect-tips-for-using-animal-print-schemes trend home decor

Animal Print as a central statement – If you like eccentric and bold decor use large animal print rugs in your living room. Choose furniture that go well with the schemes though, don’t overdo it! Be bold but with balance.

16-perfect-tips-for-using-animal-print-schemes (3)16-perfect-tips-for-using-animal-print-schemes (16)16-perfect-tips-for-using-animal-print-schemes living roomIf your living room is spacious and has considerable light coming in, than why not go for a combination of two different rug schemes. In case your living room is smaller than follow the example of the picture above. Try to combine the tonalities of your furniture and let one animal print rug be the center of attention.

16-perfect-tips-for-using-animal-print-schemes color schemeslx-pendant-750Make it Artsy – Who said that you have to follow rules when you decor your space? Be enthustiastic, positive, inspired, unconventional. Our suggestion for an extremly beautiful effect with animal print decor is to go for the crafters and artisans. 16-perfect-tips-for-using-animal-print-schemes (15)Choose a handcrafted furniture with such character able to give spirit and personality to your room. Burlesque is both exotic and misterious, the perfect piece to have in your hall or bedroom. If your choice for implementing animal printing is something like this than our tip is to keep it simple on the rest of the decor.Here you have another fantastic option how to make it artsy ! If you are affraid of animal printed rugs and pillows or consoles than go for something like in the above picture.

16-perfect-tips-for-using-animal-print-schemes living room wall arthttp://www.designbuildideas.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/16-perfect-tips-for-using-animal-print-schemes-8.jpgmv-bathtubs-750SEE ALSO – How to design your living room with 50 center tables

Mix and match There are so many schemes, stripes, polka dots and animal print. Why not to miss all this patterns with us other, uniting the color while keeping the print small, enough to be enjoyable for the eye.

16-perfect-tips-for-using-animal-print-schemes (7)SEE ALSO – How to Mix Materials and get a Professional Textured Interior

Keep it comfy and give to your friends and family a good reason to visit you. You can emphasize your animal print decor using cleaner and simple lines of furniture.16-perfect-tips-for-using-animal-print-schemes modern print16-perfect-tips-for-using-animal-print-schemes (14)SEE ALSO –Hollywood Movie Bedrooms Ideas16-perfect-tips-for-using-animal-print-schemes zebra printAnimal prints can act as a neutral, they can help to create an equilibrium with bolder colors while keeping a modern touch. See these bedrooms decors, they are fresh, contemporary and bold in the same time 16-perfect-tips-for-using-animal-print-schemes (1)16-perfect-tips-for-using-animal-print-schemes (13)We’ve shown you 16 ways how to decorate with animal print, the trend of the year. Unleash your inner animal and take your home design into another lever. All that you need to do now is to be creative !

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