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Interior Design Color Schemes, Mood boards

20 Home Office Ideas and Color Schemes

Whether you like it or not, colors unconsciously shape many aspects of our daily lives. They influence people’s attitudes towards their surroundings as well as having a slight effect on a person’s work performance. When it comes to picking on a color scheme for an office, think about the type of mood you want ideally to be present, think about what kind of work is going to be done there, and what kind of person working there. The home office can play a wide variety of roles. If one works from home, it is the 9-to-5 place of business; for others, it’s a place to pay the bills, go through mail or store important documents. Today, Design Build Ideas has selected 20 jaw-dropping amazing home office ideas and color schemes to inspire you. Take a look!

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Different colors promote different moods. For instance, warm colors such as yellow, red and orange are very stimulating colors and tend to raise awareness. They promote a positive attitude and outlook on surroundings. Whereas less vibrant colors can be good if you want to get thoughtful, relaxed and imaginative.

20 Home Office Ideas and Color Schemes

Having some music on while you work is often essential to get you going through those papers.

20 Home Office Ideas and Color Schemes

Grab what inspires you and surround yourself in them.

20 Home Office Ideas and Color Schemes

Pin boards or chalk boards are usefull ways of keeping track of what is important.

20 Home Office Ideas and Color Schemes20 Home Office Ideas and Color Schemes20 Home Office Ideas and Color Schemes

yellow office white desk blue bull gold lamp-interior-design-ideas black vintage office wooden desk-interior-design-ideas  mid century office-interior-design-ideas  vintage deco office orange chair golden lamp-interior-design-ideas fun office orange organic chair-interior-design-ideas mid century office gold lamp-interior-design-ideas

Sometimes, less is just more.

grey minimalist office green lamp modern-interior-design-ideas white minimalist attic office-interior-design-ideas  clean wooden creative desk-interior-design-ideas

Keep things organized!

green office desk white tube chair-interior-design-ideas industrial home office letters vintage lamp-interior-design-ideasindustrial home office clocks steampunk gears-interior-design-ideas blue chairs office desk girly-interior-design-ideas black and white office modern-interior-design-ideas


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