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25 Wooden Floors Ideas

Wood is a relatively abundant resource, and as so it is a common choice as a flooring material due to its environmental profile, durability, and restorability. Wood is a material that can be shaped and formed in innumerable ways, making it a creativity nest.

A wooden floor will add warmth and beauty to a room. It can be used to compliment a great variety of styles, from Scandinavian to neo-classical. It can be used indoor and outdoor. Wooden floors don’t have to keep their natural color and can be painted to create patterns and other ornaments.

Reclaimed wood is also a noble material to use as flooring. It can even bring some of its former history into the room.

tumblr_m9nba42FoB1rcoex4o1_500tumblr_m2u37aKz8N1qkegsbo1_500room-with-two-unique-lamps-and-decorate-red-fridgeRestaurant-Interior-Design-21panele_podlogowe_wine_fruitliving1Javor kanadský 934intarsioUpplandsgatanDouglaska čpavkovaná kartáčovaná 8036create-decoration-living-roomcow-hidebutler17bolefloor-natural-wood-floorboard-11af6b43_b72d19235784893ffccfcc88473c1bd2.jpg_srz_980_550_85_22_0.50_1.20_0a7b128b4d82f4c416579d1a64ba026291302055112-815-01-05-ph-marc-andre-plasse20110428-MOBY-slide-E071-jumbo514757fbb3fc4b9323000051_casa-en-matubara-fujiwarramuro-architects_matsubara18_r33633_gall_1_6Bathroom Design Ideas Pictures38a6775220-Inspiring-Scandinavian-Design-Interior-Spaces-7.jpeg42ntn1wudW60x

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