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4 Interior Design Color Scheme Ideas for a Perfect Home

If you need to decorate a home, then you will likely face quite a challenge if you’ve never done it before. You will have to be quite good at figuring things out in a more aesthetic way if you want to make a perfectly designed environment. All it takes to change the mood is to get the right color scheme in for a simple fix that doesn’t involve too much expenditures on your part. Using the right combination of hues and contrasting colors can make a place seem entirely different, but making the wrong choices can have a terrible result. Make sure you stay ahead of the curve and follow the tips ahead:

You can draw a palette from a larger piece with is own pattern for a better inspiration. Whether its a carpet, rug or a wonderful piece of art or furniture, the end result will be a focal point from which you can expand your vision around the room. You can work to match the pattern and its colors to the rest of the room, going for a cohesive environment.

4 Interior Design Color Scheme Ideas for a Perfect Home1


You can focus on an easily achievable ratio of 6:3:1 when you work on the rooms. This essentially translates to having a single, dominant color for about 60% of the room, 30% for a good secondary one and a 10% for accents of your choice. This will help balance the colors to a more steady visuals instead of a chaotic mess. The secondary color needs to be brighter than the primary, so you will have to adapt the accent colors to shine, especially if you’re working with neutral colors with low saturation. You can apply the same idea to pretty much all areas where colors are involved, as the same pretty much goes with clothes for the most part, for example with suits where shirts represent the 30% and ties the 10% of the design.

cobalt blue interior design color scheme


Make sure you pay a lot of attention to the vertical gradient of your color scheme. The ceilings should always be painted in lighter colors than the walls, as the mind subconsciously needs a “sky” above to adapt for the most part. The darker colors should always be picked for the bottom parts of a room to emulate the ground beneath our feet. The same goes for your furniture as well if you can adapt it that way with what you have available to work with.

dinning room mood board design ideas (15)


You can take some ideas straight from your wardrobe if you’re wondering what you can do and you feel confused as to what colors you can choose. After all, you have your favorites and there’s nothing wrong in having them be the major players around the house for the better part of the time you have available on your hands. They will match your tastes a whole lot better than the designer ideas out there, though you should still take heed and use what you can from them.
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