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5 Essential Mid Century Modern Decor Accents


Mid-century modern decorations make for an interesting, slightly retro style that has the look for something out of the 1950s. It helps with unexpected combinations of materials and colors, bolder designs and clear lines. Taking advantage of this type of décor is something that will take a bit of explaining, so Design Build Ideas will cover how you can go about it up next with these 5 essential mid century modern decor accents. Take a look!

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Using Wall Art

Our first topic to open our list of mid century modern decor accents is something many poeple love to take a glance at: Wall art! One of the greatest aspects of modern décor is using wall art to tie the room together. Consumers may choose from a number of different schemes, ranging from the natural looks of Scandinavian style to the primary colors of the Pop Art age. Whatever the case, you should keep in mind that modern-art can give a good improvement to the style of any home, but you can also work with contemporary paintings for that retro look too. Cuban modernism, something abstract or anything else that fits your personal taste will do as long as its within reasonable limits. When it comes to mid century modern decor accents you can find may options in Wall art.

5 Essential Mid Century Modern Decor Accents


A nice and budget-easy approach to displaying the modern artist’s work or photographs. Whether you plan on using Andy Warhol’s work or the abstractions of Jackson Pollock, the works of the classics such as Henri Matisse, the main thing is to create a sense of life in your room. Look for works of art which celebrate life through subtlety or beauty of form. A poster is a perfect illustration or representation of mid century modern decor accents.

5 Essential Mid Century Modern Decor Accents

Using Clocks

For that extra and lovely retro look you can add a clock of your choice. Whether its a classic grandfather clock or something less traditional, you will benefit from its presence. A good style that would also fit your household can be a starburst pattern clock which has different colors at the end of each of its spokes. On the other hand some modern clocks may also incorporate unusual objects such as mirrors, bottle caps and more. Nothing further screams “mid century modern decor accents”, than a clock to match those good ol’ times!

5 Essential Mid Century Modern Decor Accents


Modern lams of mid-century design can be of great help in improving the style of your home. They can recreate that retro feeling, combined with energy efficiency and a better look. You should still be careful with the wiring, making sure its relevant to safety standards. Floor lamps can be a great addition, whether its a pole or a spring-loaded pole with fixtures between the ceiling and the floor. They can come in a number of styles, but you should mostly stick to chrome, brass and teak. Table lamps should also be considered as part of the decorations, giving a bit of life to an otherwise boring room. Once again chrome, wood and drum-shaped lampshades, as well as globes and more, can provide that nice 50s and 60s flavor with a modernized twist. Lamps are, therefore a perfect element for mid century modern decor accents.

5 Essential Mid Century Modern Decor Accents


Smaller objects such as sculptures, candles, photos, bottles and more on a windowsill or a shelf can be of great use in your decorations. These little details are perfect when it comes to mid century modern decor accents. You can connect them in an overall theme so they can provide the right look and style. You should also combine them with a good centerpiece from the mid-century times with a lamp that showcases it. House Clearance Bayswater can clear your home of rubbish and excess furniture.

5 Essential Mid Century Modern Decor Accents

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