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5 Practical Ideas on Mixing Styles in Interior Design You Can Use

If you have to merge a household or you happen to have moved to a completely new home that is already furnished, you will likely have to deal with quite a few things in terms of adjusting your current interior design and furniture to the ones there. Whether you have to pick a certain 50’s style or something contemporary and modern as your base, you will need to do a bit of soul searching if you want to keep things logical and aesthetically pleasing. The tips ahead will give you an idea what you can do to make it happen and how:

5 Practical Ideas on Mixing Styles in Interior Design You Can Use4


Pick a Main Style

If at least 80% of the interior of your new home happens to be done under the same style, you will have a much easier time blending things together. Keeping the same time period and philosophy in mind when you work on your interior design is a must, since it will allow you to keep things harmonized and as a great mix of new and old. This will help things not stand out too much while still looking great.

retro mid century style interior design (7)


Be Considerate when Mixing Styles

In some cases however styles simply never mix well, such as Victorian with its ornate looks and excess. No matter how well you try to pair it with anything else, short of steampunk looks and variations, you will have a really hard time making it look good. There are other styles that work well with it, like Asian, French furniture, Edwardian and even the more formal English look. You would not be able to pair it with contemporary designs or more country-oriented styles however. If you happen to have a place where this setup of modern classic and antiques would thrive, then all the better.

5 Practical Ideas on Mixing Styles in Interior Design You Can Use2


Work with Wood

When you have to mix different types of wood, you should consider their formality and what they have to offer. For example cherry, oak and mahogany are all formal, so they would work out pretty well with each other. On the other hand if you have bamboo, maple and pine as well as other types of wood, this means you will have to deal with them in a different way, since they won’t work quite as well with the rest of the aforementioned choices.

5 Practical Ideas on Mixing Styles in Interior Design You Can Use3


Add some Colorful Acessories

You should focus on breathing new life into neutral interiors with the smart introduction of color. A good way of doing that may be, for example the use of pillows, vases or other smaller details you can make use of.

mid century interior vintage lighting stardust delightfull


Don’t Forget Lighting and Decor

You must never rely on the ambient illumination for your rooms. If you have a large amount of overhead lighting, then you will need to incorporate some amount of decorative lighting as well to keep things more balanced. This will help attract attention to any accent pieces, paintings and collection items.

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