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6 Interior Design Tips for Small Spaces

Small spaces have their own little tricks when it comes to useful design. Small homes have their own advantages in terms of smaller rent and more easily managed and cleaned personal space, but they are also prone to being hard to deal with in terms of storage. Such sizes and space require a special touch, so the following tips will give you some basic understanding of ways you can improve what you already have:

6 Interior Design Tips for Small Spaces4


The first thing you need to keep in mind is a rather simple one: You need to be savvy and smart with storage. Extra seating on the wall, using the space under your stairs, using the ceiling or something similar will work just fine. There are many solutions depending on the space you have available to work with, such as cubbies under your bed, extra storage space and shelves on the walls, literally anything that works out but doesn’t get in the way.

ideas to decorate a small room


Another approach you can take is to work on different shapes and types of furniture designed for small spaces. Rounded corners, smaller sizes and portable furniture will work wonders in improving your lot. As some homes don’t have the space needed for more interesting and expansive solutions, this makes it possible to be flexible as well as stylish.

6 Interior Design Tips for Small Spaces4


You can create a wonderful illusion of space by using glass, lucite and acrylic surfaces. Their reflective and clear surfaces will bring about much needed light in smaller, confined spaces. The styles available in this case

Multi-functional spaces are a must when you have to work with small spaces. Combining the entertainment center with a foldable or pull-out bed is an excellent way of getting things done in a useful and practical way.

Speaking of reflections, you can use a mirrored wall to create a perfect illusion of space. Reflective surfaces serve a great double role both as a vanity and decoration. Check out some more ideas here.

6 Interior Design Tips for Small Spaces4


A small home also requires the use of every nook and cranny you can use, so make sure you do what you can to work on the small spaces you have. Anything that works and can be used should be used, as you can’t afford the luxury of not using space if you can help it.

6 Interior Design Tips for Small Spaces4


When all is said and done the way you handle the situation depends entirely on your own tastes and vision, so these should only serve as guidelines and not absolute rules to follow. Look forward to ways of your own and move forward as you see fit, as long as you make use of the space you have in the most efficient and stylish way.
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