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Impeccable Loft Interior Design

You can create the perfect feeling in your small loft, the space is not the one who decides the beauty and uniqueness of your home, on contrary is the way how you make use of it.

an impeccable design loftHow do you use those limits into your side and transform your home into an amazing place to be, alone or with friends? In this article we took the example of this 60 m sq. ft. loft, to inspire you and give a hint on how to get the best from what you have

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an impeccable design loft  home furniture

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A 60m square design loft, modern and illuminated, well studied spaces with an flawless design. This beautiful space, designed by the studio Axis Mundi, in New York, expresses great character and personality. Young, fresh e well designed, the loft is divided into two distinct areas thanks to the generous ceiling heights that helped to create a sleeping area.


an impeccable design loft small apartment ideas

an impeccable design loft how to  decorate

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an impeccable design loft colors and design

Here your privacy is ensured by a partition glass wall, placed beside the bed that allows the light in from a large window, creating at the same time the adequate privacy.


an impeccable design loft interior design ideas

an impeccable design loft home decor ideas

an impeccable design loft london  apartment

Simple solutions, light colors combined with a beautiful wooden floor, are mixed wisely with the few but strategic furnishings in this small but beautiful design loft. We leave you with more articles to read here, hoping that we inspired you with more ideas for your small and unique loft.



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