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ARRCC: a perfect example of luxury design with laid back style


ARRC is a good example of a design studio with a laid back luxury design style that specializes in several areas related to interiors, mainly interior architecture, design and décor. They have a style that is pretty adaptable to several types of interiors, among them residential, hospitality and leisure. So today we’re having a peek into what makes this studio stand out globally!

ARRCC: a perfect example of luxury design with laid back style

A look at many of ARRC’s interior design projects definitely denounces the company’s tendency to think big. The enterprise has projects on several corners of the globe, from the USA to the United Arab Emirates, and they all have several common touches that ARRC applied into the luxury design seen at the end of the process.

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The projects from this organization can either be allusive to true spaces of amazing luxury, like the Hotel Lumiere in France, the Alphen Hotel in South Africa or Shenzen in China or reflect the strong modern style desirable in many interiors such as with the Bora Headquarters in Spain, or even Vue de Eifel in France.

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In the residential projects, most of them made throughout South Africa, Spain, United Arab Emirates or in Australia, you almost confuse the residences in the list with amazing five-star hotels. All of them have impeccable attention to detail, as well as some amazing furnishings and even lighting effects on the inside and outside of the home. There are details in every division that make people look on in amazement: from glass stairways, lighting decorations and fine furnishings to amazing architectural jobs (inside and outside), woodwork applied to the ceilings (and other spots) and astonishing views especially at night.

That same modernity can be felt in their hospitality and leisure initiatives that are true refuges to many people willing to take a break from their busy lives and relax. There are some true geometrical details in their architecture and decoration that make ARRCC’s projects visually appealing. The interior and exterior details seen in these projects are truly reflective of a laidback luxury style.

Lastly, we have their Commercial and Retail projects, all of whom present a sophistication that isn’t usually seen in many commercial areas. From the clean lines and geometrical details to the balanced placement of all of the elements in the room (be it a store or an office), this is a good example of what a modern Commercial or Retail space looks like.



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