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Check out some amazing lighting designs to find at Interior Deluxe


If you happen to be currently looking for some new lamps that will give the illumination in your home a whole new look then Interior Deluxe will definitely be a good option when it comes to online markets. This leading marketplace from Florida has a wide variety of lighting design options meant for more than one style and also more than one type of space.

Created in 2004, Interior Deluxe is a good example of an online market that provides some amazing lighting designs from more than one lighting brand. All of these products were manufactured mainly in Europe and America with a variety of styles, shapes and sizes.

Check out some amazing lighting designs to find at Interior Deluxe
Photo credits belong to Interior Deluxe/Catellani & Smith

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Photo credits belong to Interior Deluxe/Catellani & Smith

In order to make your search easier, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the top brand you will be able to find while browsing through Interior Deluxe. Let’s start with Catellani and Smith, a perfect example of a brand that values the importance of the mood that a lighting option can grant a home. According to them, “The light shouldn’t be the focus of your furniture, but it should make people stop and look for a second or two”. As one of their best examples, we present you the Fil De Fer LED Pendant Lamp (above).

Next, on our list is Oluce, believed to be the current oldest and most experienced Italian lighting company in present times. It’s a brand known for having worked with some of the greatest designers of our time, and also due to their Table lamps, Floor lamps, hanging lamps, Wall/Ceiling lamps & Outdoor Lamps. A lovely minimalistic design we bring you from them is the Coupe 3320 R floor lamp.

The next brand in our list is DelightFULL a brand with some lighting designs which reflect a personality, a frame of mind and strong emotions are present in each detail. Inspired by jazz music, DelightFULL’s mission is to conquer the world through unique lamps. A modern example we bring from them today is the Coltrane suspended lamp.

Our penultimate example is from Louis Poulsen. The Danish brand has been known for being a perfectionist in the creation of high quality and well-designed lighting fixtures, developing some amazing examples well suited for all types of environments and all settings. We can see a certain elegance emanating from their PH Artichoke pendant light, perfect for both contemporary home and a restaurant.

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Last but not least we present you with Italian lighting maker Flos. Founded in 1962 it has been a pioneer in the lighting industry since then. It’s a good example of a brand with a couple of lighting fittings that add elegance, style and comfort to the décor and the lives of their customers. Their 2097 30/50 Chandelier is definitely a good example of a mix of classic and modern.


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