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Check out the five novelties in lighting design by DCW Editions

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DCW Editions is one of the greatest references when it comes to lighting design, so it’s no wonder they had a couple of things to reveal during Milan Design Week. Join us in this article in which we’ll be exploring their catalogue in which there was more than one amazing lamp built through the work and vision of more than one designer.


Check out the five novelties in lighting design by DCW Editions

For Biny Curve, DCW Editions chose to publish the first 5 models created by Jacques Biny from 1956 to 1958. The particular lamp, Biny Curve is a good example of Jacques Biny’s design style, which is no surprise seen as he has designed more than 400 lights through his company Luminalite. This lovely and simple product reflects the efficiency, simplicity and the elegance of sobriety in lighting product.

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For this lamp, Sebastian Summa took heavy inspiration from science fiction and astronomy, thereby building a lamp which reminds more than one person of a shooting star. This is a good example of a lamp which despite having a classic look to it, fits well in either a rough or sophisticated environment.

Sebastian Summa, born in Bavaria originally started his career as a blacksmith having a deeper knowledge on how to work with iron, metal and steel. Despite having worked with these types of materials he’s known for managing to handle softer ones. He eventually studied design at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam and is currently living in Berlin where his studio is located.


AARO by Simon Schmitz is inspired by a gesture from Aaron’s rod. Aside from intending to create motion as fluid as possible, the designer took every detail to heart, including the geometry, the balance, as well as the friction. In the end, the result could best be defined as a lamp which seems to levitate on its own, moved by the wind, revolving effortlessly around its centrepiece

Simon Schmitz was born in Arnsberg and he set up his studio in Hamburg after completing his studies at the “School of Art “. During his studies, he went through a journey to discover freedom, autonomy and responsibility to be a designer, having as his strong life philosophy the following motto:

“If you don’t know why you are doing what you are doing, don’t bother doing it at all.“

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Respiro is lightly defined as being a product which is the result of the reflection of the personal journey from Philippe Negro’s journal. It’s a reflection on what he intends to bring to life in every project he’s involved with:  his objects, his architectural projects and scenography of space.

Philippe Negro is a French designer who lives between Paris and Milan. He studies industrial design and took a degree in applied arts at the Boulle school in Paris- After that he teamed up with Michele De Lucchi and together they’ve set up a studio in which they bring many marvellous ideas to life.


The best way to define V V V is by looking at it as a curtain of unmatched elegance, decorated by emergent energy. Esther and Sam are known for being a curious duo who make their work based off of their love for mechanics and movement. Having created their studio (Eindhoven studio) in 2014, lighting has been their favourite area to take on ever since. This duo has stated that most of their inspiration comes from “observing the world.”


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