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Don’t miss the best of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit 2019


The Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit 2019 ended its second edition with a strong message regarding not only the importance of preserving craftsmanship but also of the importance that new technologies have in that regard. Design Build Ideas is bringing you today a compilation of best moments that came out of the event.

Don't miss the best of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit 2019

First off: the opening ceremony which started with the speech by Amândio Pereira. During his speech, he not only took that moment to thank the Makers & Craftsmen for their contribution to the World of Craftsmanship. “We should work on the Preservation of the Crafts so that Future Generations can Enjoy them. This Summit is part of that Preservation Mission”. He ended with the quote “Let’s Build The Future of Craftsmanship”.

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There were many individual interventions during The Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit 2019. One of the main talks involving the presentation of the Michelangelo foundation, as well as the Doppia Firma Event, a top Craftsmanship Event, whose latest Edition had the participation of three Portuguese Partnerships, was one of the main topics of interest. According to Nicole Segundo, representative of the Michelangelo Foundation:

“We want to keep the Traditions Alive so Future Generations can Enjoy them. Michelangelo supports the connection between Design and Craftsmanship so that we can promote the growth of Creativity and Craftsmanship worldwide”

On the second day, Carlos Coelho definitely captured the attention of many participants in what can be best defined as an amazing Masterclass regarding communication in the present era. Aside from mentioning the Basis of Marketing and the Essence of Communication, he underlined the fact that the success of a certain company heavily revolves around Competition and Communication.

Of course, among the main highlights of the event, we definitely need to point to the four main panels of the event. The main topics behind them were focused on varied themes such as the Future of Craftsmanship, the importance of Fusing Design with artisanal techniques, and even topics regarding the branding and marketing behind these pieces.

The first one which was focused on the Dialogue between Design and Artisanal Excellence counted with the presence of Christian Haas (a German designer who’s been living and making a sold career in Oporto for years), and Emmanuel Babled (a French Designer who works in Babled Design studio, located in Lisbon). They ended up concluding and agreeing that Portuguese craftsmanship is rich in history and culture being art that should definitely be preserved.

The second presentation that closed day 1 had the intervention of João Barros (CEO and Creative Director at Pullcast), Rui Pinto (Master Jewellery Artisan at Pullcast), Conceição Amaral, the current CEO of FRESS (Fundação Espírito Santo), Joaquim Paulo from Creative Hub and Vitor Querido an Artisan of Culture. Among the main topics discussed was the importance of preservation and promotion of the classical craftsmanship behind the conception of the jewellery pieces. However, an urgent topic mentioned was the fact that these Crafts and the Design behind them also need and Endgame, or more specifically a buyer or even an investor.

During day 2 the topics turned more towards marketing/branding as well as the importance of a distinctive factor in the conception of these pieces. On the topic of Marketing of excellence the participants heard an enlightening intervention from Miguel Costa, the current General Manager of Bentley and Lamborghini in Portugal, Rita Sambado, Ricardo Conceição, Manager at Atelier des Createurs, and Ana Maria Vasconcelos, who is the General Manager from Belcinto, the Vice Presidente of APICCAPS and again with the presence of  Carlos Coelho in the panel.

All the participants had good examples of success stories, as well as distinct perspectives with one thing in common: the value of Craftsmanship which was definitely an element that was part of each of their success stories.

The final panel, titled, “Designing & Crafting: Criteria to Excellence”, presented us again to a group of speakers with distinct backgrounds. The group was composed of Raquel Costa (Swarovski), Nini Andrade da Silva (Designer), Emmanuel Babled (Designer), Khaoula Ouerfelli and Duarte Eira (Chef).

Each speaker showed several examples of their art in design or the art of business that they are involved with and during the Q&A of the conference, despite their distinct backgrounds and took this moment to speak about their distinct backgrounds as well as about their arts or businesses along with some interesting perspectives regarding the development of design in the modern age, especially regarding a “distinctive factor” that every designer needs in order to win in the present era.

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Lastly, but definitely not least we can’t forget to mention the artisans who were present during both days of the event, each showcasing their art. Among the main arts present at this event we can point out activities such as  Ceramics, Porcelain Painting, Silver Chiseling, Chiseling, Filigree, Metal Working, Jewelry, Wood Working, Bobbin Lace,  Embedding, Wadding, Weaving, Shoemaking, Embroidery from Madeira and Torno.

Take this moment to also take a look at this video compilation of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit 2019:


and get the latest news about the best of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit 2019 as well as some other topics regarding the best interior designers worldwide and top renowned brands in the world on furniture and interior design

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