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Easy Tips on How to Design a Garden

The best types of gardens are the ones that leave people comfortable with how they look and happy with what they bring. Sure the garden may look good, but it must also give off a good vibe to make it work. You need relaxing, practically sound and easy to maintain. Structures and pathways need to be easy to move around in while the plants themselves have to be more than just there for the purpose of looking beautiful if possible. The following tips will cover possible ways you can approach the subject to make things happen:

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Ensure you allow wider passageways for your use, making sure nothing gets in the way when you move around. Since nobody will ever enjoy squeezing through plants, you need to make sure you take care of this and keep your plants under control. You should make sure your main paths are wide enough for two people to walk side by side if possible. If you have taller plants on both sides of the walkway, then you may need to have a wider pathway to accommodate for their future growth. This will help keep the area from feeling claustrophobic.

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You should make sure you make your stairways and outdoors steps ascend in a more gentle way, as they will need to be easier to traverse. You never know when you may have guests with impaired mobility, so it would be of great benefit if you can work on making them more comfortable overall. Your steps will need to have a rise of about 6 inches or so to make them comfortable to climb. The depth of each one must be about 14 inches or so with the addition of landings every five steps or so for an easier transition. If your stairway has to change direction, then you will need to have a good landing to accommodate for it.

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You will also need to ensure you have plenty of room to move around during dining and mingling outside if you plan on having barbecues and friends over. You should consider how often you plan on such things and whether you want to have more space or more plants. Outdoor dining will mean furniture is involved, so you need to have at least a 5 foot perimeter around the area where you plan on making your dinners and gatherings.

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You should make sure your paving has good and secure footing. Slick surfaces combined with loose pavement will be a guaranteed recipe for disaster, so make sure you use materials with sufficient traction for those rainy days when you’ll need to be stable on your feet. Gravel can also get the job done as long as you use unsifted gravel, since it contains different sizes of aggregates for a more solid ground and footing. Sifted gravel will not compact as well and will be a bad choice for this project. Make sure you give a slight 1-2% slope to your paving material so water will flow away from it and the foundations of your home.
Balham Small Garden Designers can care for your patio and garden. You can hire them for your seeding and all-around garden tidy ups or lawn maintenance services.

Indoor gardens are a versatile way to bring the green lush into your home, clean your air, and are part of sustainable arquitecture. Good designers employ a bit of green to make a big difference in a home.


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