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Essencial Home Office Interior Design Tips

Living and working under the same roof has many advantages. More time for the family, less time sitting in the car, short route from the office to the workshop to the kitchen. If you work from home and are creative it’s important to have a space you can call your own.

home office clean mid century


Somewhere that is calm and light-filled ideally, with plenty of storage space and as generous a desk as you can manage. A place to display ideas and inspiration is also key, and don’t forget to incorporate some favorite things to cheer you when your inspiration wanes or to encourage the ideas to flow.

fun interior home office tips


An enjoyable workspace at home will stimulate you to use your talents, raise your productivity, and give more structure to your ideas and work schedule. Working in a pleasant atmosphere will always reveal the best in you! This is also a very important space if you have kids, it will encourage them to do homework and study harder.

blue chairs office desk girly


Pick a desk that is large enough for all that paperwork, incorporates some storage and has amble space for a computer and a printer in need be. Many traditional writing desk have built in drawers for storing stationery and reference books which are ideal if you write a great deal. An artist may be better off with a tilting easel-type desk to work in a better position.

home office tips dark desk


Lighting is important so pick a table lamp that is able to light your work surface properly, flexible lamps are ideal in these cases, something you can move around and accommodate to all the clutter that piles up as you work throughout the day. Many wall lamps will also be suitable for this task.

home office lighting tips table lamp


Keep in mind the decor of your desk if the room serves more than one purpose, as for example a bed room. Make sure your desk or workstation blends in with rest of the décor rather than stand out.

chic office details in gold interior


Store superfluous equipment and materials behind closed doors or drawers if you get easily distracted by them, but keep in mind that, usually, people with a messy desk are more prone to creativity and risk taking, while people at cleaner desks tend to follow the rules and are less likely to try new things or take bigger risks.

home office tips messy desk rustic


Having a gallery like backdrop to display photos, art, collections and all sorts of inspiring things is a must have. Take the time to write down your good ideas and have them on hand for future reference right on your wall.

home office tips messy desk wall


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