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EuropaCity: An Incredible Masterplan by Bjarke Ingels Group near Paris

Scheduled to be completed in 2024 just in time for the Olympic Games, the extraordinary EuropaCity development aims to become a business and tourism district in the outskirts of Paris. This massive project was imagined by the leading Danish architecture practice, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and it will be comprised of a wide variety of aesthetic and architectural buildings. The firms and architects responsible for their design were decided in a competitive contest who saw numerous creators battling for the unique distinction of designing one of the highly expected buildings.


“Rolling Hills” is the concept behind this development and according to BIG it will offer “an unprecedented scale of a mix of retail, culture and leisure around a defining theme: Europe, its diversity, its urban experiences and its cultures.”  An exhibition hall that leads a pedestrian gateway to EuropaCity will also be designed by Bjarke Ingels Group, so expect big things coming. Now, take a look at the eight massive buildings that will be a part of this project and the people behind their creation.


Concert hall by Hérault Arnod Architectes



The 7,000-seat concert hall will be comprised of a series of horizontal and incline levels. Its roof is supported by slim white columns and atop it, circular canopies will house yet another space. The Hérault Arnod Architectes will be responsible for the development of this project.


Contemporary Circus by Clément Blanchet Architecture



Clément Blanchet Architecture will be developing this contemporary development. This space will be opened at ground level and will be connected with a plaza and a platform level that can seat around 1,500 people. This development exudes a sense of nostalgia due to its roof stretching structure between tent poles of varying heights.


Cultural centre by UNStudio



The proficient Dutch architectural practice, UNStudio will be in charge of building this unique center, dedicated to the 7th art of the world, which will be highlighting three intertwined volumes of weathering steel. It will be comprised of a cinema and a “cultural laboratory” with both indoor and outdoor screens.


Five-star hotel by Atelier COS


Learn More About the EuropaCity Development in the Outskirts of Paris 2


For the five-star hotel, Atelier COS, a specialized Parisian architecture firm Atelier, was selected to design it having the agricultural history of the region in mind. According to the architects, this hospitality venue will feature “fireflies, rooftop fields and a bamboo-covered atrium”.


Four-star hotel and convention centre by AAVP Architecture



The Paris-based entity AAVP Architecture will oversee the design of this hotel and convention centre. The conference space will be encircled by a ring of slim vertical louvres that the architects describe as “exoskeleton of a sleeping mythical animal”. In the case of the 500-room hotel, it will feature a series of house-like gabled roofs.


Four-star hotel and children’s cultural centre by Franklin Azzi Architecture


EuropaCity An Incredible Masterplan by Bjarke Ingels Group near Paris (9) EuropaCity An Incredible Masterplan by Bjarke Ingels Group near Paris (9) EuropaCity An Incredible Masterplan by Bjarke Ingels Group near Paris (9)


Franklin Azzi Architecture will be responsible for the design of the 400-room hotel and cultural centre for children. The Parisian firm has thought of a glazed facade that looks out over a plaza and a park. At the same time, the upper levels of the building will be covered in greenery and shaped like mountain peaks.


Three-star hotel by Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia



The multi-story building will be designed by Italian architecture firm, Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia. The 3* star hotel will have a glazed facade under a humpback roof.


Water park hotel by Chabanne Architecte


EuropaCity An Incredible Masterplan by Bjarke Ingels Group near Paris (7) EuropaCity An Incredible Masterplan by Bjarke Ingels Group near Paris (7) EuropaCity An Incredible Masterplan by Bjarke Ingels Group near Paris (7)


Having a water park within its property, this exceptional hotel will be designed by Chabanne Architecte, a proficient firm based in Paris and Lyon. The project will have towers that “rise like eroded canyon walls” above a cluster of pools, water slides and waterfalls, following the “rolling hills” concept of Bjarke Ingles Group’s master plan.


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Source: CovetED