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Five Simple Ways To Make Your Home Modern

Five Simple Ways To Make Your Home ModernAre you tired of the way your home looks? Well you are not alone; many people are trying to find ways to make their houses more modern. Adding a few touches to your home can take it from boring and monotonous to modern and cool. The word modern does automatically give off an expensive vibe, but these are some tips that you can do at a relatively cheap price, and if you cant not do them all at once, try doing it room by room or one thing at a time.

  1. Lights

There are so many different ways that you can incorporate lights into a modern home. You should start by getting rid of the light bulbs you have now and get LED bulbs. You can also purchase these bulbs in strips and line the underneath of your cabinets for an edgy and chic look. You should also get rid of old lamps and replace them with lamps that are mainly glass with maybe a touch of chrome. Chrome adds a modern look to almost anything.

  1. Furniture

Think about moving your furniture against the wall. Space is something that is very modern. This tip is actually something that you can do for free. Clean and open spaces are considered to be very modern. Try to get furniture that is all one color with very little design and again try to stay within the grey or chrome category.

  1. Décor

You can make your home modern largely by using small accent pieces. Large paintings are very popular right now. A large single painting in a room can give the illusion of the room being much larger than it actually is, giving the modern feeling again. Just like with the furniture you want to go with something minimal. A framed print will be a lot cheaper than an actual painting, but that is up to you. Also opt for blinds instead of curtains. This may seem counterintuitive but blinds can once again make the space look cleaner and bigger.

  1. Electronics

Nothing completes a modern space like a great flat screen television, whether it is in a bedroom or a living room. It basically acts like another large painting a framed print. Choosing a television can be hard, but a new three-dimensional TV could be the modern touch to complete your home. Whatever TV you decide on make sure it is powered by a great provider like Direct TV

  1. Appliances

Go for stainless steel appliances as much as you can. Once again this chrome color will make your home look sleek and modern. Try to stay away from white appliances because they tend to look dirty and dull after time no matter how much you clean them. Many kitchen appliances can also be ordered so that they match your cabinets and basically blend in with the rest of your kitchen. This is something that many high-end kitchens are now switching to.


Image source: lovethatinterior.com

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