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Flora Fabrics: how you can apply this trend to your decor


Flora Fabrics are in right now in 2019! This is yet another interior design trend which reflects the need of many people of bringing those sweet forms, patterns, and colors of nature inside the household. Join us in this inspirational guide which will be showing you how you can apply this easy and lovely trend to your very own household.

Flora Fabrics: how you can apply this trend to your decor

Flora Fabrics is a trend that is somewhat vintage. We all remember those classic couches or armchairs that bore those lovely floral patterns shaded with several different colors. Well, this trend is coming back into fashion in the field of furniture design and the results can be pretty colorful.

Flora Fabrics: how you can apply this trend to your decor

There are many forms of handling this fabric, and a trick that is very used by furniture designers is aside from drawing inspiration from floral patterns we see in nature, they also take some inspiration from the four seasons. There’s a certain intensity that can be obtained with a little mix of tones such as autumnal shades of brown and yellow, forest greens alluding to Spring, rich navies, winter wines, and even nocturne blacks allusive to the shapes seen in nature mostly during nighttime.

Flora Fabrics: how you can apply this trend to your decor

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Aside from chairs, sofas and other furnishings, another decorative element in which this trend is still very much used is in curtains and pillows. The patterns of nature look particularly attractive in the curtains and they’re a good option for you to change your home decor if you don’t have many furniture pieces with this trend. It’s also notable that these patterns are still very much in use in several wallpapers, although many interior design experts don’t recommend you overreacting if you decide to try this in your own home wall.

Flora Fabrics: how you can apply this trend to your decor

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You can also find some natural patterns not only in fabrics but also in other types of furniture. The table above, for example, is allusive to a Japanese fish. The Koi carp is a recurring symbol of Japanese culture and the designers took inspiration from that animal, by visualizing a base in aged brass and a top in acrylic. The support of the table is pretty allusive to scales which is once again a perfect example of how nature can be reproduced in several design pieces and in the most unusual yet effective forms.


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