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fun and playfull interior ideas slide
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Fun Interior Design Ideas

Having fun and playing are some of the most precious things we can do. Isn’t it unfortunate when a house lacks a decent place for this? Interior designers often focus on simple practical things or in lavished decorations, leaving this vital element behind.

But not all of them do, and we have collected some nice ideas for you to get some happy creative juices flowing.


fun and playfull interior ideas swing chairs

Swings are always fun, remember when you last swung on one?… Now I bet you wish you were swinging. A lot more fun ideas from this house here.


fun and playfull interior ideas hangging chairs, dog, statues

Cute and beautiful sculptures can help you get a smile up. And don’t forget the dog. Of course, it’s not part of the furniture, but they sure can be playful little things!


amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-indoor-skateboarding-halfpipefun and playfull interior ideas skateboarding

In-house skateboarding? Maybe only for the hardcore skaters out there… But surely a must have if you are.


fun and playfull interior ideas slides kids room

Slides in kid’s rooms are sure to get them playing, maybe if you put one in their bed, it should get them up sooner for school too.


fun and playfull interior ideas big chrome slide

Big Slides for big people. Just awesome, can’t say otherwise.


fun and playfull interior ideas net bed hangging

If you are not afraid of heights this is simply a great idea. Not that hard to implement if you have the right conditions. The net is comfortably flexible, lets light and vision through and it’s large enough for 2, if you know what I mean.


fun and playfull interior ideas bookcase shelf

These pictographic bookshelves are quite funny. With only a handful of triangular shapes and blocks for heads, one can create such an interesting sculpture. If you are looking for more fun book shelves, try here.


fun interior design ideas modern colorful composition

Such a nice use of colour on this composition. Perfect inspiration material.


fun and playfull interior ideas retro toys mid century

Clearly, some toys had to be on this list. The vintage retro feel on these ones is sure to spark some great childhood memories. It’s an important aspect to keep in our lives. See more of this here.



Backyard cinema with a projector, add some popcorn and have yourself endless memorable summer evenings.



Like the underwater feeling, but not getting yet? Try this! An aquarium bed!?… Oh yes…

By Diogo Carvalho

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