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Tips and Advices

Graffiti in Your Home: Yes Or No?

Graffiti falls into the category of contemporary art and it had a widespread effect throughout the last two decades. Art like this can be seen almost everywhere outdoors – from trains, walls, alleys or in a specially designed space for that purpose. Primarily, it started as a sort of a rebellion against some issues of society – the art made by those unsatisfied by the system. But, as the time flew by, this scribbles on walls were shaped in a new level art method. The techniques and the equipment has developed so much that tons and tons of variations are possible in the present. Still, graffiti pictures are said to be worshiped by those younger ones – stereotypically, the immature ones. My question here is directed to those who can be characterized as “the mature ones”: Have you ever thought about implementing graffiti into your home design?

interior graffiti contrast of colors


How serious can a piece of art like this look?

Not many people are aware that graffiti need not look as teenage drawings. New artists in this field have made it into something worth admiring! Basically, a graffiti artist can do whatever you want him/her to do with proper equipment and a great deal of knowledge and technique. You want it to be serious and to match your surroundings, just name it and they will offer some of their ideas for this project. Plus, with a wall painting technique like this, you wouldn’t have to worry whether you will have enough material as with wallpaper rolls for example. Replicating a famous painter’s work is feasible for all the lovers and admirers of a particular artist or era and with the addition of that graffiti style, you will have yourself a unique piece of art in your possession.

interior graffiti panther


How is it going to change your interior?

A good artist will do this job neatly and very quickly, leaving you to aerate the room afterwards. When on your walls, graffiti will give extra visual space to the room and a completely different dimension. Everything will look much more spacey and you wouldn’t have to waste money on paintings, just to fill the free space on your walls. The awkward smell in the room will be gone in a few days and a beautiful piece of art on your wall will be there for all of your friends and family to admire. Stains on your furniture from painting the walls will be reduced to a minimum, chiefly because doing graffiti requires exactness and attention.

interior graffiti work in progress


Less money for a real work of art

Another thing, which is in my opinion a plus, is that the production of graffiti is really cheap. The artist will put a reasonable price of his/her services and you will just need to buy the right base color and brushes, sprays, painter’s tape and provide him or her with a ladder or, even better, a scaffold, if your walls are high. Some artists will give you the full price and bring all of their material, which is maybe a better option for you as you wouldn’t have to wander around, searching for the right equipment. Plan which colors would match the colors present in your home. A full of ideas and open for suggestions artist can fulfill every wish related to the production of your graffiti, so choose carefully. Of course, there are those less and more professional, and if you don’t want to go into the repainting process after a month or two, do a detailed research of the previous work of that person – this will help a lot.


interior graffiti boxing ring


Avoid clichés in decorating

Don’t discard everything that is new and especially art that you are not familiar with – sometimes there is much more to it. Art like graffiti is definitely underrated and ill-judged, due to some other contemporary standards and popular novelties in design. Think outside the box and personalize the space you live in, don’t simply belong to the group of people who rarely use their creativity and follow their own taste. Be bold and try something not so usual and common to prove to the others that there are a million options.

Article written by Ivan Dimitrijevic



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