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Hollywood Movie Bedrooms Ideas

We listed in this collection of Hollywood inspired bedrooms some of the most sophisticated, elegant, luxurious bedroom designs. Further more as always we will give you suggestions of what to “steal” and what to implement in your home interiors.
If you love the timeless style like us, of James Radin, John Lautner and more incredible designers & architects then follow this glamoruous gallery and get fully inspired!

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

hollywood-movie-bedrooms-ideas (1)No Hollywood movie list is completed if Breakfast at Tiffany’s isn’t part of the list! First things first, this classic has a lot of decor details to steal (purple accent pillows, bathtube couch) but our favorite is this zebra rug. Have you heard the news ? Animal prints are back !

hollywood-movie-bedrooms-ideas (4)2.Ameliehollywood-movie-bedrooms-ideasHer eccentric apartment is in contrast with her shy character and this is what we love in this movie : the richness of colors and emotions. This little bohemian apartment is the artwork of german artist Michael Sowa. What we choose to “steal”, is this elegant and beautiful bed.

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hollywood-movie-bedrooms-ideas (13)

circu4.50 Shades of Grey hollywood-movie-bedrooms-ideasWho isn’t familiar with the extravagant lifestyle and millionaire taste of Christian Grey ? The decor of this movie bedroom couldn’t be less than provocative and seductive. Black and gold were the dominating colors of the scenography. Designed by the portuguese designer Marco Costa, our favorite piece to “steal” for our dream bedroom, is the mysterious and luxurious Diamond Nightstand.

SEE ALSO – Black Design Color : 6 Must Avoid Errorshollywood-movie-bedrooms-ideas5.A single man hollywood-movie-bedrooms-ideas (11)A single man based on the book with the same name by Christopher Isherwood, ecxept of great actors participating ( Tom Ford director, Juliane Moore, Colin Firth) has also a lovely open plan living dining and den areas, carefully planned by architect John Lautner. Ideas to “steal” to add some more warmth and life into your bedroom ,this moroccan embroidered rug.hollywood-movie-bedrooms-ideas (2)SEE ALSO – Modern Rugs For Modern Interiors

6. Côte d’Azurhollywood-movie-bedrooms-ideasIf this bedroom gives you the feeling of a french elegant maison than you are right on point as this movie directed by Olivier Ducaster and Jacques Matineau is a french movie of 2005.
This picturesque set design creates a world of magic and romance transporting you to the French Riviera. Who wouldn’t love to have this layered silk bedding in their bedroom?

hollywood-movie-bedrooms-ideas luxury

7. Pulp Fiction hollywood-movie-bedrooms-ideas uma thurmanQuentin Tarantino as an interior decorator? Yes ! His famous black comedy crime proves some serious decor going on ! We love the unexpected elements, the funny and strong lamps and decor details in each corner. This Flos retro lamp is just the right one to describe the unexpected voilence and comedy as usual in Tarantino’s movies.

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hollywood-movie-bedrooms-ideas pulp fiction

8. Something’s gotta give

hollywood-movie-bedrooms-ideasSomething's Gotta GiveThe Hampton’s house we love and emulate for its clean windswept style!
We didn’t just fall in love with the comedy we also felt hard for this house and for the spacious well organized simple and classic bedroom. Ideas to steal from this bedroom : this comfortable armchair, with warm colors, it doesn’t matter if you are a writer or not it will still make you feel in peace!

hollywood-movie-bedrooms-ideas brabbu armchair9. Moulin Rouge hollywood-movie-bedrooms-ideasMOULIN ROUGEThis movie is all about emotions, a doomed love between a writer and a dancer. The different seductive shades of red were never explored as in “Moulin Rouge”. The shades of red are a ressemblance of the strong emotions that this movie evokes. That is why you only get bursting inspirations from this musical movie show. Mademoiselle was designed with profound admiration to the French decorative arts, will be the piece that once you place it in your bedroom will transport you to the amazing world of Moulin Rouge.-hollywood-movie-bedrooms-ideas MademoiselleHere goes our Hollywood inspired selection of must “steal” and must “have” art/design pieces for you bedroom. Which one is your favorite ? Let us know, we would love to know!

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