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Antiques & Mid Century Modern, How To, Tips and Advices

How To Care for Antique & Mid Century Modern Furniture

There are many ways one can take care of valuable, antique furniture, but there is a difference between what you would do for regular pieces and those old ones that need special care. If you’re not being careful you may damage the pieces and thus lower their overall value. The following tips will give you a basic understanding of what you can do to keep these irreplaceable pieces safe.

Antique Furniture Care White Small Table

The environment where the furniture is placed can play a major role in how these pieces look like after a given time. Direct sunlight can have really detrimental on the old finishes, fabrics and wood used many years ago. The same goes for any UV light shined directly upon it. You could witness clear finishes turning weird and unnatural colors due to long exposure or even cracking and warping the wood. You should always avoid placing the furniture in front of any air conditioning vents, fireplaces or other extreme conditions. The warping from heat can cause loosening in joints, breaking of the surface of the wood and more. The same goes for excessive moisture as it can really damage the older pieces of furniture in irreversible ways. You could risk mold growth as well as other infestation or even rotting, so make sure you store the pieces in a room with a dehumidifer if that is possible.

Antique wooden tea box

Speaking of infestations, you should pay extra attention to any pests and insects that threaten your antique furniture. The materials used in most furniture are susceptible to damage from such infestations, however nothing can be more devastating than those happening to one of the older pieces of furniture. Powderpost beetles, termites and so forth can eat a lot of wood before they mature and lay their eggs. You can easily recognize the infestation due to the holes in the wood. If you see this, then its too late to reverse the damage, so you must make sure it never happens. On the other hand cockroaches can feed on the body oils left by human hands, the dirt and grease left on it as well. The resulting waste from their bodies can stain the surface of the wood inside drawers and panels. Upholstery can be consumed by mice and other small rodents and used for nesting. Avoid that at all costs by taking the necessary measures to keep pests away.

Antique Piano

Moving and handling these items at long or short distances can be a bit of a challenge. Make sure you check whether the joinery has been damaged or if it has come loose before moving anything. Carry tables by the apron or even by the legs instead of the top, lift larger pieces of furniture and avoid dragging anything so you can preserve them. This is especially important if you want to move items a long distance via moving company or something similar. You will need to take extra good care of them or else you will encounter big issues on the way. Be careful and plan ahead at least several steps of the way.

Antique Living Room with Piano

This post is written by Dana Philips, on behalf of South Croydon house removals


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