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How to Create a Rustic Look in a New Home

How to Create a Rustic Look in a New HomeEven though a lot more buyers and looking for newly built homes today, the old, rustic look in home design is still growing in popularity. Home owners want to create a space that feels cozy and livable as opposed to a space that looks too formal or neat.

Even though it may seem impossible to make a new home feel older, there are a lot of ways that home owners can add rustic charm to their newly built home. Here are some ways to create a rustic look in a new home.

Work with the home builders

There are a lot of people who might still be in the process of building their homes who want to add a vintage feel to the space. These people can work with certain builders, like Daybreak homes builders, to include some elements that will make their old home look antique.

Find inspiration

There are a lot of ways that home owners can find inspiration to create the perfect vintage look for their home. Some home owners may prefer antique looks from different eras. It is important to decide these factors before making any changes to a new home.

Salvage materials

The best way to make anything new look old is to add materials that are actually old or worn out. Home owners can find rustic items at estate sales or antique stores to add to their home décor. This can range from furniture to simple panels of reclaimed barn wood to add throughout the house.

Add unique hardware

Buying new furniture or replacing fixtures in a home like cabinets can be very expensive. However, changing the hardware on these items can be a simple and inexpensive way to make everything look older. Home owners can change the handles on everything from kitchen cupboards to their dresser drawers.

Trim with crown molding

Crown molding is an item that was very popular before that is showing up less and less in new homes. This is an easy and inexpensive update that can work to make any home look more luxurious and vintage. Home owners can try it on everything from the walls to the furniture.

Add detail to plain wood doors

The doors are what really set old homes apart form new ones. New homes are typically built with flimsy, flat panel doors that are less expensive. A heavy door is not only a sign of good construction, but it also denotes a quality that is uniquely possessed by older homes. Adding wood paneling to any door is a great way to add value and quality to every room in the home.

Finish with furniture

Furniture can be the perfect finishing touch that makes a home look cozy and comfortable. Most home owners prefer to find old furniture, but there are some ways to make new furniture look antique. Anyone can wear down the edges of their new furniture and paint it to give it the right antique look.

Image: http://pixabay.com/en/door-input-old-door-front-door-490246/