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How To Make Your Home Office Trully Yours

Ways to Make Your Home Office more FunThere are a lot of better things to do in your home other than work, so it is easy to get off track and lose yourself in another activity during the work hours. More often than not, home owners feel conflicted when designing the space for their home office. They want to keep it simple and free of distractions, but they also want a space that inspired and interests them. So how can you create a home office that meets all of your needs and demands? There seems to be a lot of restrictions and elements that you need to work around when designing a home office, but there are some tricks you can use to make the space both functional and fun. Here are some ways to make your home office more fun.


Give yourself some space

Especially in a home office, space is always limited, so it may seem difficult to find enough space to have everything you need and still have room to move around in. There are some trick you can use to create more space, even when you think that you have none, in your home office. You might want to move it to another room in the house, if you have the option. For example, many people have found it better to have their home office in a loft area instead of a closed off room, so they can have more room to breathe and stretch in.

home office fresh


Set up brain breaks

Recent studies have proved that it is not healthy to sit at a desk and stare at a computer screen all day long, so it is beneficial for everyone that you get up and move around every once in a while. Set up little stations either in your office or around your home that will give you a quick break and the burst of energy that you need to keep going. This could be a treadmill to take a short walk mid-day while watching your favorite DIRECT TV show, or a small puzzle you can add to every day.



Add your personality to it

Just because it is an office that does not mean that it needs to be void of all of the things that make you smile. Take this a step further than just hanging up pictures of your kids. Because it is in your home, you have the freedom to do whatever you want. Choose colors that are relaxing, but still stimulating, like a light yellow. Add design elements that you would in any other room in your home, but try to choose things that inspire and uplift you to increase your productivity at home.

creative workspace black and white


Be smart with your storage

Not enough storage space is one of the biggest complaints with home offices. The truth is that most of us do not have a lot of space for our home offices in general, so finding extra storage is tricky. Get creative to create a better use of the space you have. Install or build shelves above your desk to store all your odds and ends. Use storage in other spaces in your home for items you don’t need very often.