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How to Turn Your New House into a Home

How to Turn Your New House into a Home  How to Turn Your New House into a Home How to Turn Your New House into a Home 300x258Between packing up your old place and moving into your new one, it can be hard at first to make your new house feel homey. You might spend months digging through boxes, unpacking them, as you slowly need the contents. In order to make transition between house and home faster, check out these simple tips to speed up the process. All you will need is a little bit of time, dedication, and perhaps a few good friends to accomplish this process.

Clean it

When you first move in to your new place it is a good idea to set aside a few days, take some time off work if needed, and give your house a good deep clean. Aside from moving out, it will likely be the only time that your new space is empty enough to get all of the usually forgotten nooks and crannies. Make it fun by recruiting a few friends to help you most friends will work for something as simple as pizza and beer. Once everything is spotless, it is time to unpack.

Organize and decorate

With all the chaos and collectiveness it takes to move, it can be hard to want to unpack right away but it is crucial that you bite the bullet and just do it. When your things in boxes for too long, things can quickly begin to feel chaotic, you’re constantly looking for clothes and appliances, stuff gets lost.

Do yourself a favor, organize and decorate your new space as soon as you move in, make sure everything has a place. If you don’t know where to start look for inspiration on places like Pinterest to get you started. This may be a part you don’t want friends to help with because it will be harder to keep track of your things when someone else is unpacking them.

Tech it up

It is important to get all of your technology squared away within the first week or so. Set up your media center, printer, and other gadgets and take time to organize the cords and cables to avoid future rats nests. Examine possibilities of cable and internet connections, if you weren’t happy with the services at your last house, look into upgrading to something like Verizon FiOS if you want internet that is faster and more reliable than your previous setup. Once you get all of your equipment set up, you are one-step closer to making your new place a personal space.

Let it get messy

Once everything is clean, organized, decorated, and set up the way you like it, allowing things to get messy could be a little stressful. You can’t let little things like a dusty bunny, cluttered cabinets, or a tangled cord get the best of you because this is how you know you’ve truly transitioned from house to home. Though you may have spent days making everything perfect, it is important to accept that a bit of clutter is inevitable.


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