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Innovative Staircase Designs for the Home

Adding character to your home can be accomplished with any number of fantastic ideas. One great way to turn an everyday structure into a unique design feature is to reclaim the staircase. Because of their location, staircases can be utilized as the focal point of a home while implementing creative, innovative design ideas.

Achieving Elegance

Bulky and sometimes domineering, outdated and worn-out staircases can damage the style possibilities of a home. Transforming the staircase into something elegant will dramatically change a house’s look.

Innovative Staircase Designs For The Home 4

If your goal is to open up a room’s concept, consider replacing your stairs with a wood spiral staircase. Spiral staircases are unique for both their shape and size because they create more visible space. Most homes have large staircases that take up a good portion of livable area. A spiral staircase enhances the visual interest in the home while allowing for substantial space. They are also a great option for smaller homes where space is tight and extra room is a coveted luxury.




Wanted: More Storage

Because of big built-in staircases, most homes have an excess of space located underneath the stairs. What might others wise be wasted space buried beneath the stairs, can be reclaimed in the form of a secret closet.

Innovative Staircase Designs For The Home 1Use the under part of the stairs as a hall closet for storing linens, kids’ toys, or coats. If the stairs run up above a kitchen area, you can even turn this closet into a useful pantry. Because of the sizable space available under stairs, add shelving and extra lighting to utilize it efficiently.

Or, add drawers in the under area of the stairs. Instead of drywall, the drawers provide added texture and interest to the wall. Additionally, drawers are efficient and do not leave any space wasted.




From No Space to Study Space

Closets are just the beginning when it comes to hidden rooms below your stairs. Another great idea is to install a tiny home office underneath the stairs. Depending on the width of the stairs, there might be plenty of room for a classy built in desk. Because additional rooms in a home are used for other purposes such as bedrooms, guest rooms, and play rooms, finding a quiet place for a desk is not always easy. But the space beneath the stairs offers plenty of room for uninterrupted study and work.


The Bar Under My Stairs

Innovative Staircase Designs For The Home 2

For easy entertaining, build a bar underneath the staircase. The room down there proves just the right size for a wine rack, cooler, sink, cupboards, and countertop. When hosting large gatherings, the area is an excellent location for harboring all of the drinks and glasses while the kitchen and other counter areas are filled with food.


Make Room for Puppy

Innovative Staircase Designs For The Home 3Pets are loveable, but sometimes their accessories can be a bit of an eyesore. Outfitting the under part of the stairs as a dog house is a cute and clever use of space. With enough room for a crate or fluffy bed, the staircase can easily provide the right nook for your pet to occupy. Some homes even build a sort of dog house room, in place of a traditional stair closet, complete with a doggy sized door for easy access.

There are endless possibilities for transforming your ordinary stairs into a focal feature of the home. With a little creativity, you can bring out all of the unique character your home has to offer.

Image Source: www.homejelly.com, www.interiorfans.com, www.blog.propertypal.com, and www.luxuryhousingtrends.com


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