Sasha Bikoff: Inside The Inspiring Fantasy Design


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Inside The Inspiring Fantasy Design of Sasha Bikoff

Sasha Bikoff

Sasha Bikoff was once dubbed the “interior designer for the young and wealthy” by the New York Times and the “go-to decorator for Manhattan’s well-heeled millennial set” by the New York Post. The designer has proven herself time and time again, and today Design Build Ideas brings you a quirky pink project that is a reflection of the designer’s spirit.


Inside The Inspiring Fantasy Design of Sasha Bikoff
All photo credits belong to Sasha Bikoff


What makes Sasha Bikoff‘s interior design projects look and feel so mid-century, yet so timeless have to do with the time periods she bases herself on. We can point to 18th century French Rococo, the 60s Space Age Modern, as well as the 1970s French Modernism and 1980s Italian Memphis Milano. There are definitely incredible combos of colours in her portfolio and she sure knows how to use them.


Inside The Inspiring Fantasy Design of Sasha Bikoff




Inside The Inspiring Fantasy Design of Sasha Bikoff


The project we bring you today, however, has one main colour as a focus: pink. This colour is definitely popular among many millennials, however, would it work in a dining room decor? Sasha Bikoff has stated that as affirmative with this lovely project. There are many shades of this colour successfully mixed in with black, white, and a little touch of gold.


Inside The Inspiring Fantasy Design of Sasha Bikoff


Fun fact: the dining room of this project by Sahsa Bikoff, titled “Rosé All Day”, was inspired by a mix of Jayne Mansfield’s 1960s Pink Palace and 1920s Paris. The project emanates a Mid-century feel, while at the same time having that touch of modern luxury with the application of pink. No doubt that Sasha Bikoff can definitely work the colours in her favour regardless of display and decor style.


Inside The Inspiring Fantasy Design of Sasha Bikoff


We hope you’ve enjoyed this fantasy project by Sasha Bikoff!



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