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Inspire yourself with this Moodboard dedicated to Rounded Shapes


Rounded Shapes are part of the top trends for 2019 and we can definitely see why! Circular forms aside from being geometrical can be perfect, soft, pleasant, pure and even meditative, so we’re giving you a couple of examples for you to start shopping the look!

Inspire yourself with this Moodboard dedicated to Rounded Shapes

Round Shapes are an element that can be adaptable to many areas dedicated to design such as fashion, art, and furniture. As a matter of fact, this shape is even present in nature and even expressed in our own bodies, so it’s natural that many artists take advantage of this shape in the creation of new objects. This lovely moodboard can give you some good examples aside from the ones we’ll be exploring.

Inspire yourself with this Moodboard dedicated to Rounded Shapes

We begin with this lovely bed which is not only a wonderful luxury wonder in it of itself but also very allusive to themes of the sea. Rounded shapes in furniture and other accessories look pretty well when combined with soft colors such as pink, brown or white, which are shades that give them charm, elegance and softness.

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Inspire yourself with this Moodboard dedicated to Rounded Shapes

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take some risks with other colors or materials when obtaining rounded furniture pieces. Just look at the totally innovative visual of the bed presented above and see how the whole object has a round shape no matter what perspective you look at it.

Inspire yourself with this Moodboard dedicated to Rounded Shapes

These lovely Florence Stools by Essential Home are a perfect example of rounded shapes applied to practical pieces of furniture. They are a cute and fun practical solution to any living room with a soft look to them enhanced not only by their cylindrical presentation but also due to their velvet upholstery all around them.

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Inspire yourself with this Moodboard dedicated to Rounded Shapes

The living room is the perfect setting to bet in round shaped furniture, either in the sofa, in the side table, the rugs, the lamps and many other decorative elements that you can choose to create your own style. It’s a lovely option for this division, creating a good sensation of comfort that will marvel your guests.

Chairs are some of the best furniture pieces aside from beds where you can find them with more than one circular shape. Once again we have an example from Essential Home with the two Reeves Chairs seen above. These chairs are one example of many possibilities you can obtain when applying geometrical shapes. Many futuristic-looking furniture pieces have had inspiration from many geometry elements and these chairs are a good example.

Oh, and mirrors are a must! Rounded Shapes are very typical in mirrors and seen as this is a trend it will continue to be reflected in these objects. Now what are you waiting for to explore the geometrical possibilities you can apply in your own home decor?

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