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Inspiring Living Room Trends and Projects By Top Designers

Inspiring Living Room Trends and Projects By Top Designers – Design Build ideas decided to focus its attention on arguably one of the rooms in our homes where we spend the most time in. We’re talking obviously of the living rooms, a place of relaxation and usually the epicenter of grandiose design! A contemporary living room can tie in the whole interior design of your luxury home, or set it apart from the pack, in a search for outstanding greatness. We bring you in this article some timeless examples of living room trends that stand the test of time, and will certainly complement the most discerning of tastes. The best part? These designs were produced by some of the most amazing interior designers of the world.

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Open Space Concept


Most likely the number one living room trend at the moment, open-concept spaces are here to stay. The idea aims to create bigger living areas are literally breakdown barriers that would alter the flow of the interior design. This concept, in particular, is great if your goal is to set the same mood throughout all of your home design. Because it is such a universal trend, we could give you endless examples of contemporary living rooms sporting this trend, and you’ll most likely see it along this article, but for now, we selected the works of Arthur Dunnam for Jed Johnson Studio.

Let Nature In


design trend that’s been making its way into our modern interiors for quite some time now, featuring elements of nature in your contemporary living room helps give it a distinct feel, while also showing you’re in touch with Mother Earth. Top interior designerJessica Gersten and the recognized Indonesian design firm AEDI Interior don’t compromise any of their luxurious aesthetics to put in practice this living room trend.

Reflective Surfaces


Reflective finishes often to the same as the previously mentioned open-space concept, in the sense that their aim is to give the rooms a bigger feel. Also, a plus of this living room trend is the fact that a reflection goes well with everything, so when you want to go the extra mile when it comes to glamming up your contemporary living room, it’s never too much! That was exactly the case with this beautiful design project, where an abode of luxury brands are present and yet perfectly coexists without overpowering each other.

Table Category

Coffee and Earthy Tones



If your mood is more of a discrete and somber one, there are also many solutions! Instead of going for boring and dark interior designs, try coffee, chocolate or even earth tones to ground your contemporary living room, but make sure to pop in great furniture design to still have a wow factor! Badih And Kantar Architects and Studia 54 both achieve that by using Boca do Lobo furniture design, which you know, leaves nothing to chance.

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A Great View

Obviously this one isn’t really something you can achieve by redoing your interior design. However, what we want to show you is that sometimes the architectural design of your home can come in handy when planning your interiors. In this opulent French apartment by Cochet Pais, they work around the stunning Port of Cannes view of enhancing the already glamorous contemporary living room.



Soleil Chair

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