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Interior Design Color Schemes

Interior Design Color Scheme Tips

 Published on: Oct 6, 2014 

Decorating your home can be pretty hard if you’ve never had any experience with such matters before. You would need some guidance to make it happen if you want to have the place looking at its best and attractive to the eyes. Half the battle of making the place unforgettable lies in knowing what to do and color schemes are a major part of what makes a home feel welcoming and warm or oppressive and dark. That’s why Design Build Ideas team has selected some great interior design color scheme tips especially for you. Take a look!


You can use these interior design color scheme tips to make all the difference in your interior decorating so follow the tips ahead for more information and possible ways you can do that:

• You can use a palette from a patterned piece as an inspiration for your needs. It could be anything really, from a piece of art to a piece of furniture as long as it happens to be in colors you need.

Interior Design Color Scheme Tips Interior Design Color Scheme Tips Interior Design Color Scheme Tips




• You can draw a palette from a large, patterned piece as an inspiration. It could be a rug, piece of art or even a piece of furniture. You can use that as a base for what you want to work with. Starting from it, you can work on matching the colors of the pattern with the rest of the room, allowing for a more cohesive look overall.

Interior Design Color Scheme Tips

• You can focus your work on the rooms by using a simple ratio of 6:3:1 as a rule. You can devote sixty percent of your room and its colors to one color that dominates it. Thirty percent of the rest of the room should have a secondary color contrasting with the first, and the last ten percent will need to be some accenting colors that complete the set. This will help with keeping the visual balance of the place looking good and never going dull and boring or way too overboard. You could do well with picking neutral colors, but you will need to make sure you have some sort of color to keep things in contrast. The secondary color may be brighter than the primary, but you will have to make sure it works in good contrast. This will also apply to the rest of the design, as it works the same way with clothes for example. Suits often have the same ratio, with shirts being the 30% and ties being the 10% of the whole setup.

Interior Design Color Scheme Tips

• You must also pay attention to the vertical gradient of the colors you have chosen. Ceilings will always need to be painted in the lighter colors of the three choices. This will make the place look close to the natural world around you, reserving darker colors for things like floors, rugs, coffee tables and similar parts of the entire interior. You must make sure you have the ceiling lights, as this will allow you to keep the place much more welcoming.

Interior Design Color Scheme Tips

• You can take some cues for a color scheme from your own wardrobe and the clothes you wear. This will help you pick colors to your liking with much greater efficiency than you otherwise may, especially since they will match your own taste much better than anything else. Chiswick after builders cleaning can help you with more ideas.

If you want more tips on how to create a perfect interior design color scheme tips, take a look at our whole Interior Design Color Schemes section.



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