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How To, Interior Design Color Schemes

Interior Design Coloring: Special Effects

Sometimes bending or breaking the rules of color harmony is useful and very effective. Perfect color harmony can be boring and predictable. A strong discordant color thrown into a scheme can make the design more dynamic. Discordant colors can also be used to boldly grab attention or add an element of surprise. The important consideration  is whether the color is drawing attention to the right thing at the right time. Neon colors are the most effective at doing this. As designer gains knowledge and experience, the designs may become more adventurous.


This dining table’s color makes it the centre of attentions.



An easy way to add some color to a room is to add a colorful painting.


?????? ????????? ??????? ? ?????????, ?????????????ff7d41ee950edf43d65c2a93781d89e0 What would be a dark and loomy living room, becomes an inviting space with these cute pink furnishings.



The various colors used in this kitchen make it a fun space to cook and eat.



This eclectic space is full of energy from all the neon colors.



This navy colored room is given some life with bright pops.


All the bright multicolored accents in this room, work to bring the spring mood from the outside into the room.