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International Design & Architecture Awards 2013 – Product

This week, we will be focusing our attention on the International Design & Architecture Awards 2013.


“Design is a gift, and those who can unleash it effectively are worthy of praise.”

Hosted by leading interior design magazine design et al, The International Design & Architecture Awards reward the best in design from across the globe. There are 4 categories, Design and Architecture, Yacht and Aviation, Hotel and Property and Product Design.

Today, finally, our eyes are set on the INTERIOR PRODUCT AWARDS. There are hundreds of entrants over 11 different sub-categories. You can check every entrant here, on their website. The decisions were very hard make, as every one deserves an award, but, here are our picks for the best products in each sub-category.



Project Name – Final Encore

Category – Bespoke Installation

The ‘staircase’ element of my sculpture has been inspired by the stage. The influence of sweeping fabric folds, swooping lines of the stage curtains and the performing actors, lined up holding hands taking their final encore bow.

The inspiration for the ‘memorial’ element of the art piece, is from theatrical actors, directors and plays performing at 12 Palace Street, since the rebuilding of the theatre in 1923, to the new launch June 2012 including the opening play and future plays. A memorial to the St James Theatres achievements, documenting the story and legacy as it becomes one of London’s best theatres.


besins-1c Final Encore staircasebesins-1b Final Encore staircasebesins-1e Final Encore staircase



Product – Roots Chair

Submitted by – AROUNDtheTREE Natural Design

The Portuguese Roots Chair is inspired by a traditional Portuguese design, the Gonçalo Chair from 1953. In addition to its exclusive design, it is made using solid wood and natural oil, which provides this model with a unique finish. It’s a simple piece composed of two main lines: one composing the seat and the front legs, the other positioned around the back comprising the back legs; all in single line. The angles are perfect. This chair was designed to remain timeless, without compromising pertinent issues such as the environment and social responsibility. The design works so well for several reasons, including the simplicity of the lines in its construction and the great comfort provided by its small dimensions. The design is timeless; it blends with different environments.

chair-1e Roots Chair AROUNDtheTREE Natural Designchair-1b Roots Chair AROUNDtheTREE Natural Design  chair-1a Roots Chair AROUNDtheTREE Natural Design



Product – 20 CUI Rain : abstract jacquard of synthetic horse hair and varnished copper from Luc Druez

Submitted by – Fameed Khalique

The LcD textile collection by Luc Druez is a limited edition of ‘hijacked’ fabrics made from reclaimed technical fibres. These awe-inspiring materials are produced in small-scale specialist workshops in Belgium, France and Italy for use in private home decoration, haute couture and interior design. Their fantastical forms also lend themselves to wider creative use: in the hotel industry, for window dressing, restaurants, theatres, and for accessories, clothing, hats and bags. In an interior setting the translucent nature of the fabrics is a perfect partner where there is a light-source, natural or otherwise, or where there is a need for blinds, screens or dividers. They have the industry standards and specifications to also be used on walls or for seating in a commercial or private environment.

fab-3b 20 CUI Rain : abstract jacquard of synthetic horse hair and varnished copper from Luc Druez fab-3a 20 CUI Rain : abstract jacquard of synthetic horse hair and varnished copper from Luc Druez 02 20 CUI Rain : abstract jacquard of synthetic horse hair and varnished copper from Luc Druez



Product – Quirky Collection

Submitted by – Alternative Flooring

Quirky by name and quirky by nature, this fashionable collection of Wilton carpet runners takes its cue from true Brit style. An on trend range packed with pattern, full of colour, designed with bravado and boasting mix of styles – Dotty, Tess, Fling and Skinny.

A Quirky collection of runners designed to bring pattern and colours and a spot of fun to brighten up our floors.
Celebrating pattern and colour and to show that traditional British crafts can be used to make contemporary design and to bring fun to our floors!
A range of four distinct designs created in a practical scale and in a great palette to suit classic and contemporary spaces.

alternative-flooring-quirky-dotty-and-tess-in-duck-egg 03 Quirky Collection flooring



Product – Oled Moon Chandelier

Submitted by – Cinimod Studio

The Oled Moon Chandelier is the first of a series of chandeliers and bespoke commissions that are based on the new Oled chandelier module designed by Dominic Harris and his design company, Cinimod Studio.

2012_06-oled-preview-by-cinimod-studio-lowres-1685 baubles Oled Moon Chandelier



Product – Riddle Table Lamp

Submitted by – Bert | Frank

The Brief was to design a lamp that was built on yesterdays design values and principles but for today’s interiors. Inspired by early mid century design this lamp was made to last at least as long as its owner and designed to revolt against the throw away culture we live in today. We are lucky enough to have expertise in design and manufacturing under one roof and this helped us ensure that quality was not sacrificed in order for “ease of manufacture” or cost.

Riddle Table Lamp Riddle double table lamp chrome and black 2.jpg



Project – Private House London

Submitted by – Lighting Design International

The brief was to create an elegant, warm environment where every detail has been considered to create a truly integrated lighting scheme for this unique architecturally designed home. The colour and materials consists of beautiful Italian grey stone, white walls, polished plaster and an extensive use of glass.

light-sch-3b Private House London Lighting Design International light-sch-3c Private House London Lighting Design International light-sch-3e Private House London Lighting Design International



Product – Cove Sofa

Submitted by – Baker (The Barbara Barry Collection)

The Cove Sofa is a private sanctuary. The wraparound arm embraces and supports, while the subtle arc of the arm and back form a unique profile. Upholstered arms surround a single bench-seat cushion complete with decorative throw pillows.

sofa-3a Cove Sofa Baker (The Barbara Barry Collection) sofa-3b Cove Sofa Baker (The Barbara Barry Collection)



Product – Expose Coffee Table

Submitted by – MacMaster

The Expose Coffee Table consist of complex laminations of birch ply and wood veneer which interlock at angles to form a three-point leg structure that supports a toughened glass top.

The birch ply is left exposed on the edges forming a pleasing contrast with the surface veneer and ensuring that the design remains true to its materials.

Expose-Coffee-Table MacMaster MacMaster expose coffee table Expose Coffee Table 31 MacMaster



Product: Drappi di Pietra from Lithos Design

Submitted by: Fameed Khalique

Vibrant expressions of design, lights and shadows, multiform and aerodynamic dimensions: with the Drappi di Pietra collection, stone claddings take on unprecedented styling accuracy and technical proportions with a delicacy of lines, three-dimensional effects and a novel lightness. An innovative design approach for five models, each featuring a carefully coined name taken from the world of fabrics due to their consistency with the characteristics of lightness and sinuosity of fabrics. The perfect folds created by the sophisticated processing and the painstaking study of the reflective properties of stone give these modular claddings an original aura of gauzy lightness.

Drappi di Pietra from Lithos Design Drappi di Pietra from Lithos Design Drappi di Pietra from Lithos Design