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Living Room & Kitchen Open Space (1)
Tips and Advices

Living Room & Kitchen Open Space

Kitchen and living room together in one space, everything you need to knowcircuFor an open-plan kitchen and living room along with kitchenette area requires at least fourteen square meters : it is fundamental that the illumination is natural and appropriate to both spaces and the artificial one well studied for different areas of use.

Living Room & Kitchen Open Space  (11)From the aesthetic point of view it is essential assess accurately the visual impact of the furnishings, the shapes and colors in its entirety.There are two possibilites : create a unique and uniform environment from a chromatic and stylistic point of view, or to choose a contrast to highlight the two distinct areas.

Living Room & Kitchen Open Space  (5)

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The furnishing will follow this choice : The decoration will follow this choice: in the first case we will have a central solution that will unfold between the two environments being defined by a side of the kitchen, on the other furnishing living room.
in the second case it will be helpful to lean the kithcen wall, in line or at an angle, and the other side have a furniture for the living space

Living Room & Kitchen Open Space  (10)Having an open plan living area allows you to enjoy the symbiosis between two areas of life, between two spaces that otherwise would be reduced, smaller, each confined to its own actions, each distinct in its being

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Having an open space means being able to fully take advantage of two types of environment that to interpenetrate, allowing the total exploitation of the both spaces.

Living Room & Kitchen Open Space  (4)Kitchen and living area, living room or dining room be it, acquire a great value, become bigger, increase the functions that can be practiced within them. The space can become a huge kitchen, or the space can be transformed into large dining room, lounge, an open space without limits.

Living Room & Kitchen Open Space  (9)

So, here are our suggestions regarding an open space Living Room and Kitchen. We hope that you enjoyed it, before you leave make sure to read 6 Must Avoid Errors, when you decide to pain your home in black. (Don’t lose number 4)


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