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A look into some brand new interior design projects – Part 1

Discover our novelties, perfect for this Fall Season

Interior design projects are popping up pretty much anywhere around the globe, within several types of categories and with new and luxurious ways to innovate. Today we’re bringing you the first part of a special article referring to a couple of new interior design projects that are sure to make you see some brand new innovations in luxury interiors and furnishings.

 Luxury Nursery Room in London (Circu)

A look into some brand new interior design projects - Part 1

This wonderful nursery room is a true reflection of what luxury furniture brand Circu is capable of when it comes to designing the best furniture directed towards children.

All around the space we can detect the great influence of the soft white of the walls and the pastel colours combined perfectly with some wonderful golden details as well as some classical decoration elements. By stepping inside the nursery itself aside from observing a continuation of this trend, we also feel like we’ve stepped inside a truly wonderful dream world.

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Looking around this sophisticated ambience we can see that imposing luminaires were easily framed, creating a style that mixes the classic London style, with a touch of modernism. At the end of the day, it’s no wonder that this became a wonderful space that can appeal to both kids and adults. Among some of the elements that we definitely have to highlight when it comes to the furniture, we point to the Fantasy Air Balloon (a bed with the look and design of a hot air balloon) and also to the Cloud Lamp (a wonderful lighting accessor easily controlled by Bluetooth).

Luxury Kitchen (Wux Luxury Furniture and PullCast)

This was the result of a team-up between Wux Luxury Furniture and Pullcast. The two top companies created a high-end experience thoroughly tailored to correspond to the exact requirements of their clients.

For the wonderful kitchen seen in the images, Wux presented a mix of shapes and materials among them marble, living coral upholstery and brass details that can be seen present in the hardware pieces. Pullcast, on the other hand, showed the best of their hardware craftsmanship with the Nouveau drawer handle and the Flow door (which can be seen on the kitchen’s cabinets), both pieces belonging to their Earth Collection, heavily inspired by the Art Nouveau époque.

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Paramount Hotel (Delightfull)

This wonderful Midtown boutique Manhattan Hotel was designed by Philippe Stark and completely renovated in April 2009. It’s located in the heart of Times Square being one of the best luxury options you can find in this part of the city.

Delightfull’s initiative for this establishment can be seen specifically at the hotel’s lobby where a series of lighting products from this brand were installed. The Coltrane Suspension lamp was put in that area of the hotel to give it more of a mid-century touch with a modern and stylish twist to it. The result is an interesting effect seen throughout the ceiling as well as a unique visual effect provided by the light emanating from these lamps.


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