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miami art week Miami Design- December's Art & Design Week
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Miami Design – December’s Art & Design Week

*Written by: Diogo Carvalho

Welcome to Miami Design the trade show that redesign the limits between art and furniture.From a series of smooth elegant sculptures, surreal and modern art work, to psychedelically designs.


December is almost here and Miami Design is knocking on your doors, so with all the excitement for the anticipation we decided to list some our favorite designs from the last event.

Robber Baron-Buffet Miami Design- December's Art & Design Week

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The 14 years old art fair is one of the most preeminent events in world, having space for leading names of design as well as for debuts.The Train Crash is more than a table, is an affirmation, is  purely autobiographical piece, according to Smeets. This powerful furniture represent the end of a nearly 20 year-long love relationship between the Designer Smeet and Nynke. There is no surprise why we were astonished form this display.

Train Crash Table Miami Design- December's Art & Design Week

In the world of Design Miami/ Basel you can find anything, like this unusual bathroom design from Dzek Marmoreal. He created a black version of bathroom, patterned with colorful speckles.

Miami Design- December's Art & Design Week

Max-Lamb_Dzek_Miami-BMiami Design- December's Art & Design WeekThe winners of Designers of the Future Award presented objects and installations including tools for fictional crystal planet exploration at Design Miami/Basel

Swarovski-and-Design-Miami-Swarovski-Miami Design- December's Art & Design Week

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Swarovski-and-Design_Miami_Designers Miami Design- December's Art & Design Week

Byung Hoon Choi, the South Korean artist, used basalt from Southeast of Asia to create sculptures that would double up as over-sized outdoor furniture. He carved and polished by hand each piece, from a single piece of the igneous rock. One of the pieces resembles to a huge stick of half folded liquorices,  while another resembles like a series of mountains and mushrooms playing with the sense of scale.

Byung-Hoon-Choi-Design-Miami Design- December's Art & Design Week

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This December, Miami Design Week will have many top artists from all around the world, sophisticated art and the most astonishing art galleries. Miami Design Week is the spotlight of the newest trends, where you can find from designers, magazine editors, parties, luxury retails, it ready to produce another fine world show. We are going to be there, what about you?


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