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Mid-Century style is a 2019 trend: get the look!


Mid-century style never loses its charm even after all this time! From the stunning colors to the iconic furniture pieces that have marked many generations, right now vintage has never been so in. Join us in this inspirational article that will help you obtain a luxury decoration using Mid-century style. Article by Rui Pinto.


Mid-Century style is a 2019 trend: get the look!

This is a style that first appeared all the way back in the post-World War II time period in the USA. This style mostly seen in Palm Springs quickly took the rest of the world by storm. Now, currently in the year 2019, this style, composed by a variety of patterns and distinct colors (blue, yellow and orange, and even bright red) is conquering the hearts of many people who wish to bring the past back onto their household. The mid-century style reminds us very much of a Hollywood like scenario as well as other past stars such as James Dean, Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe.

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As a matter of fact, most of the inspiration for mid-century style in furniture came from living in the 50s. Specifically, we can allude to many furnishings such as leather or velvet sofas, strong and marking colors in fabrics, among them red or orange, all of whom take a person back to a time filled with charm and beauty we barely see these days.

When it comes to interior design, as we’ve mentioned before in our article surrounding the natural materials trend, this and the mid-century style are two options that combine perfectly if you think about it. The mid-century style uses a lot of materials such as wood, brass, leather, and velvet, some of whom not only add a natural touch to the household decor but also give that vintage touch that’s capturing the hearts of many people these days.

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The mid-century style wouldn’t be mid-century style without the use of gold or brass in many furniture pieces. It’s this second material that gives us the illusion of a furniture piece being worth around a million bucks. This is a material that never fails in adding uniqueness and luxury to any furniture piece it’s applied one: armchairs, bookcases, bar stools or dining tables, these elements somehow look a lot more valuable when brass is applied to its design.

Mid-century is a style that never disappoints when applied to a home! You can easily obtain some traces of this style by adding a classic wooden armchair in leather to the living room, bedroom or office, or even by obtaining a floor lamp in gold brass or marble. You have lots of possibilities to explore with this style and the images in this article will prove to be helpful to you in your home restyling.


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