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Modern Classic Style by Brabbu

Modern Classic Style by Brabbu – Separately, Modern Classic Style are three words that each of those have personality and defines well some of the major characteristics of the Interior Design. Together, they create a new perspective, a new vision of a concept, especially from the work of Brabbu Interior design brand.  Let Design Build ideas explain it to you.



From European culture, it’s the classic interior design of a house. It is similar to Victorian, Art Deco, mixing with ancient greek or roman period. Let’s say that is the “Fusion Food of Design”. The best of two worlds creating a singular perspective.

Colors and Materials
Brabbu has a suggestion to use bright and light colors. They are a perfect match for this Modern Classic Style, Also, wood and metals are too! They are a combination of what could have in two views. Add a little bit of minimalism and combine with punctual pieces to complete a gorgeous look. Don’t forget to add some vintage elements. Remember to keep alive the “memory” of these styles, from ancient past until contemporary elements.

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Decor ideas

To complete the visual of Modern Classic Style, use vase, plants, flowers and other accessories are welcome. Add some light colors to contrast the background and you’re on the right way. Big windows and beautiful curtains are a great idea to compose the ambient too. If is possible, try to complete your project with a really nice Brabbu’s rug to create a 360º environment. It’s important to take care of space. Each detail is important!

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Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU

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