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Give a new look to your home with Abstract Art Geometric trend


Today we bring you a design trend that is sure to give your home a whole new dynamic.  Abstract Art Geometric is one of the top design trends for this year, and a perfect basis for you to obtain a contemporary look for your home decor.

Give a new look to your home with Abstract Art Geometric trend

The bases of this design style shown in the lovely moodboard above came from artists such as Henri Matisse or Piet Mondrian. This style is usually defined by the shapes, lines, and colors that can be found in several elements such as furniture, rugs, tables, upholstery, among many other decorative elements.

Give a new look to your home with Abstract Art Geometric trend

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Abstract Art Geometric also follows the motto “less is more”, which can definitely be seen in many decorative elements that take inspiration from this style. On the other hand, the geometry present in these design products can also be a pretext for a successful color mix, which works particularly well in rugs that give a more colorful touch to any room they’re placed at.

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Not to mention the fact that Abstract Art Geometric is a style that somehow brings a retro style to your decoration. Many examples of furniture pieces that have adopted this style have a mathematical touch to them, while at the same time being bold and free design examples. This is definitely the perfect interior design style for you if your main goal is to give a new and more colorful dynamic to your household decor.