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Renovate your bathroom decor with Matte Black Finishes


Matte Black Finishes is a trend that fits bathrooms particularly well! Don’t think that black is the perfect colour for a bathroom? Then join us on this journey to discover how this tone can fit many elements of this division!

Renovate your bathroom decor with Matte Black Finishes

The best way of defining this trend of Matte Black Finishes is as a spa-inspired bathroom trend. The best feature that defines this topic is the fact that there are many dark vanities in matte finishes that evoke high-end experiences. This black tone can be applied to many furniture items such as bathtubs, free stands, washbasins, case goods, mirrors, and even in furnishings that you place there.

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In sinks and mirrors, black becomes a strong colour that gives a sophistication to the furniture piece regardless of the design style of the object. These coloured furniture items work particularly well in the rest of the bathroom if you already have a pre-established palette made up from white and/or neutral colours, be them on the rest of the furniture or around the walls and decorative items.

The touch of black elements in the bathroom becomes even more special and eye-catching if you already had a white or marble revested space. In that case, some black furniture will give that special luxurious touch to your space! Check out some of the mirrors in our image examples and tell us that somehow the noir colour doesn’t give them an ounce of sophistication!

There’s definitely something about a black bathtub that instantly makes this object feel and look more luxurious than it already is. With all of the design possibilities that can be explored in the conception of this object aligned with this shade of black, there are many possibilities and results that can come from there.

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As a matter of fact, black can be easily adapted to any division in the house, be it in the living room, dining room, bedroom and even in a kitchen! Just take some chances and you might be surprised at the results you can obtain!


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