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Song Qi – Glamourous Gourmet Chinese Restaurant in Monaco



Allan Yau is a very well known chef and one of his most restaurants has just opened. The Song Qi is Monaco’s first gourmet Chinese restaurant and it’s nothing but impressive. In this outstanding place you will have the pleasure to enjoy a very unique fine dining experience in a restaurant that’s absolutely gorgeous. Plus: it’s located in avenue Princess Grace, one of the most expensive avenues in the world.

Take a look at Monaco’s first gourmet Chinese restaurant

Restaurant designed by Humbert and Poyet

Architects Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet designed a very unique and stunning place that gives a sumptuous luxury look to Song Qi The combination between colors and materials is astonishing. This is a very brilliant interior design that makes this restaurant one of the places you have to go in Monaco.


To reflect the Chinese gastronomy spirit, a magnificent combination of refined materials has been selected by the architects. With a predominance of black and white, the subtle touches of brass in the lightings and frames, as well as the silky green banquettes and chairs, bring warmth to SONG QI. The softness of velvet counterbalances the black marble of walls and tables. A tiled star stands out on the floor with its points undulating out across the room in tides of black and white. This intimate restaurant with its magnificent brass bar is the perfect combination between modernity, luxury and timelessness. All designed by Humbert & Poyet.

Take a look at Monaco’s first gourmet Chinese restaurant

Monaco’s first gourmet Chinese restaurant

Humbert and Poyet were inspired by Shanghai’s 1930′s golden age, giving to Allan Yau’s restaurant a contemporary twist while representing the traditions of China. The name of this gourmet place is inspired in one of the most powerful dynasties ( the Song dynasty) that reigned from 960 to 1279. Qi is a principle of Chinese culture that is the motion of the universe and life.

Take a look at Monaco’s first gourmet Chinese restaurant

Alan Yau’s restaurant

Michelin star chef Allan Yau has an incredible restaurant that must be visited for anyone that’s looking to have a fine dining experience in Monaco. It’s  definitely one of the best restaurants in the world.


Via Boca do Lobo

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